Plants that attract good luck

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Saturday, 28 March 2009 17:56

According to Feng Shui, there are plants that can attract prosperity and wealth to the home, office or place where they are if they have certain considerations when choosing.


A criterion of choice of plants, would be his state of health, for example, is good to have plants that radiate life and color, but not any that faded or ill, as it would attract negative energy so that only attract economic losses and bad luck.

The green color of plants is closely related to money, like the shape, because if the leaves are long, his life will be attracting the comparison of such sheets, ie tickets. The Feng Shui advises throwing out as plants wilted and start to get ugly, do not wait until the plant is completely dead to do it, but the negative energy accumulated harm us.

There is a very popular plant in China, called jade plant, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Always in the luxury homes will be at least one of these plants decorating the main spaces. The lime tree, attracts the good harvest, like an orange or a lemon, which are more readily available.

The deformed as bonsai plants are also a double-edged sword, including cactus, since for the Feng Shui, these plants symbolize growth stunted and unnatural, besides unfriendly in the case of cactus, for the thorns.

Photo: Flickr