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Monday, 10 December 2012 09:21

In Espaciohogar we have seen in other entries some of the best brands or DIY stores dedicated to home with catalogs as Bricomart catalog , but the fact is that not alone because you can not miss either the products and deals they find currently Bricoking . Let's see what we emphasize Bricoking Catalog.

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What we find in the catalog Bricoking:

  • Kitchen and health: The Bricoking catalog has all the products that are necessary both to decorate every corner of the house, to make arrangements and DIY where needed and featured one of the sections will be the kitchen, for which we can find therefore accessories like cooking products or items that are key to this space as countertops or sinks.
  • On the other hand the main bathroom is also on this catalog section and can accessories, mirrors, taps, etc ...
  • Decoration: One section is also essential in this catalog is the decor, as Bricoking has elements that can not miss home like carpets, cushions, accessories, decorative curtains, wall decorations and up blinds.
  • Electricity & Hardware: For those of you are "handyman" and ye have all the necessary tools in both lighting and electricity and hardware, you have them all in Bricoking plus you can also have the best equipment for the home and DIY as necessary to find the masonry like tiles.
  • In this catalog you can find everything related well with the paint also, either various shades as the paint the whole house.
  • Garden: The garden requires a very specific set of care, either with lawn care, plant or because we want to decorate with the latest trends in furniture. All this we have also in this catalog.
  • Wood and coatings: Wood is perhaps the most commonly used material in anything having to do with DIY and building furniture for the house. In Bricoking have moldings, doors, tiles, strips, etc ... and all for woodworking.
  • Furniture kit: And if you are looking for home furnishings, also Bricoking and its catalog, we have office furniture, bedroom, bookcase unit, functional furniture, lounge chairs and sofas.

Great offers Bricoking catalog:

  • There are many deals we currently find in the catalog Bricoking although perhaps the most stand out are those related to home heating. Thus we have halogen stoves how are you for less than 15 euros.

  • On the other hand, there are offers that are limited to units and we can not miss as this set of table and chairs for 59 euros. And of which only 500 units sold.

  • We can even find kitchens that are as modern as this, in a color that is extremely popular and we have a price of 299 euros.

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