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Monday, 26 November 2012 07:40

In Espaciohogar we saw earlier catalogs brands or companies engaged in the decoration or DIY, such as Leroy Merlin 2013 catalog , so this time it's the turn of Bricomart dedicated to everything you need for DIY house. I now fully unveiled the new catalog Bricomart.

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  1. What can we find in the catalog Bricomart
  2. Who are Bricomart
  3. Bricomart PDF catalog

What can we find in the catalog Bricomart:

  • Bricomart not a store to use, such as Leroy Merlin and above that although both can find everything you need for DIY and construction, the fact is that this company has a catalog where we can find both tools and materials for professional or personal use.
  • In his catalog Bricomart has several sections that you need to find building materials, and all that is needed for working with wood, and articles and tools related to electricity and iuminación.
  • On the other hand, everything that has to do with ceramics, s anitarios, plumbing, heating, hardware, etc ... is also present in this catalog.
  • Bricomart addition also has a very complete section in relation to painting and drugstore where to find everything to paint the house, or building materials of the same.

Who are Bricomart:

  • As we have explained, is Bricomart Stock DIY and building for professionals and DIY enthusiasts individuals whose goal is to have all kinds of tools and materials necessary to perform all kinds of repairs and constructions.
  • In stores Bricomart find at our disposal a wide range of over 12,000 products, with permanent stock in quantity and offer the best market price.
  • The company Bricomart belongs to Groupe Adeo, second and fourth European Group Global Distribution Group specializes in construction and DIY products.
  • It is currently present in France (29 stores), Italy (6 stores), Poland (3 stores) and Spain (6 stores).

Bricomart PDF catalog:

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