Changing a plug

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Saturday, 30 June 2012 22:06

Changing a plug is something that many will be very complicated, but the fact is it is relatively simple if we are careful when doing so (we have to remove the electrical current ) and especially if you buy the correct plug for the installation you have.

In order to change a plug, you need not have made ​​any electrician course but depending on which is why we have to change it and if we have no mind of electrical installations, perhaps must we stop using a professional. For a simple plug change, we just have to follow these simple steps.

Changing a plug

Before starting work:

  • I repeat that for any job that has to do with electricity, either change a plug or do an installation, we will always remove the electric current.
  • It is therefore advisable to be tomorrow or first thing, so you have plenty of light and if you too lengthen the time to change and have to stop using a flashlight.
  • Furthermore, the materials you will need to change the plug will be a screwdriver and wire strippers (or scissors if you have one) and of course, a new plug.

Change the plug:

  • The first thing to do is to withdraw or remove the trim that is around the plug (the box that surrounds it) and to do that, just a little pressure to jump. If we see that is held with one or two screws, simply use a screwdriver and remove. Muchois outlets have cover one part or as trim, others have two parts, you have to remove it all.
  • Then you can remove the plug to reach the wires are inside. We just remove the screws usually come two, and taking it away taking care lest it spoil or end up eroding the Ropes.
  • We took the wires are in the terminals of the plug and look what state. If we who are severely burned or indeed know we need a little more cable, we just need to peel a little (with the wire strippers or scissors) and thus avoid the creation of a short circuit. To strip the wire, you need to cut some wire from the tip and you'll see tiny hairs.

Place the plug again:

  • Once we have the cables ready to put in new plugs, put back into the terminals of this and we must be careful when doing so because if you connect them wrong, then maybe we do not work.
  • Know that the power of green and yellow, should be in the center of the plug. The other wires go to the left one and the other to the right. It added that some outlets or facilities do not include the yellow cable.
  • Once we put all the cables correctly, we just have to put the plug into the wall. To do this we put in the same way we removed the old screwed to the wall screws to secure it and above all make sure it is well caught, lest when plug and unplug any aparatod, you finish the hook and loose plug .
  • Once well placed plug screwed and just need the bezel back and go! and you've changed your plug.
  • Only you will give birth again to see the result and if everything is connected properly.

Video of how to change a plug:

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