The House of Iker Casillas

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Saturday, 28 April 2012 15:44

Iker Casillas , goalkeeper of Real Madrid , has like many of his teammates with a large house located in the capital although in his case seems to be also the house where they will live with his future wife, the presenter Sara Carbonero .

By the time the couple formed by Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero, have not I said yes, but for months they acquired a nice house they share and one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid.

As is the home of Iker Casillas:

  • Casillas will live the 2012 in a new house with his girlfriend bought in La Villa, one of the most exclusive northern Madrid, located in Exeter, and has a great security system, and is therefore a areas where more famous around Madrid.
  • The house seems to cost the player, 1,800,000 euros, and tend 480 square meters spread over four floors, has a garden of 100 meters and a pool of its own.
  • Apparently the mansion belongs to a group of houses, 92 in total, which have the same structure and design so it is not to talk about a house that is completely unique, but yes, we can say that is completely luxurious.
  • On the inside of the housing must be said that has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge on two levels with fireplace and large windows, hall, utility room, pantry, cellar and basement.

Photo Gallery of the House of Iker Casillas and Sara Carbonero:

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On the other hand, the couple Casillas-Carbonero, has another house, but this is much more modest and perhaps destined to be the qu holiday as it is located in Navalcruz.

The "other" house of Iker Casillas:

  • Navalcruz in Avila , is the town where parents live and where Iker Casillas is the favorite son, so do not hesitate to purchase a second home with his girlfriend Sara Carbonero.
  • The pair of "cinders" in this beautiful town is much more "modest" than they do in Madrid, but the fact is that it has all sorts of "luxury" or everything you need to be comfortable.
  • Casillas's house in Avila, has three floors, an attic, a garage and three terraces, in the midst of a very natural landscape.
  • So far the couple has a second home, in fact there were last Christmas, and that he, who is goalkeeper of Real Madrid, like herself, who takes over the area of sports on the news of Telecinco, have their professional lives in the capital for what is already preparing to move into their luxurious mansion that we have shown before and whose works seem to end up this April.

Video of Iker Casillas and his girlfriend:

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