Isolating the roofs

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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 17:53

In Espaciohogar we now explain the steps you will have to follow when insulating a roof because it is something that is very important if we want the cold or heat will not come home and especially to maintain the temperature inside.

Insulating a roof is something that is usually someone professional work as it requires the lifting of the roof, but the fact is that if we can get some DIY isolate ourselves.

Insulating materials for roofs:

  • Although many houses are rather old or are constructed so many years not to much to have a roof that is insulated. The truth is we have to say that those that are new construction or to be performed today and often include the thermal insulation that will prevent the cold indoors. And other natural elements like rain.
  • The porexpan can be one of the insulation that we use to put on roofs that do not have this type of material that will protect us from the cold.
  • On the other hand can be placed wooden roof materials for this type of covers and plates are only subjected to treatments to repel rain or snow, and which will benefit that we are always indoors dry and protected.
  • In addition we can also place a series of mineral fiber sheets as rock wool or fiberglass. Both guarantee that one product is obtained thermal, acoustic and fire protection.
  • Together with the insulating materials should add besides the use of an anti-condensation layer that is placed lower plates or tiles of the roof and which prevents leakage as it allows the passage of water vapor, which housing is ventilated and, consequently, counteracts condensation.

Isolating the rooftops:

  • If we ourselves are the ones who want to insulate the roof or the roof of our house we must consider that in addition to insulating materials mentioned before we dip into another place that serve to increase the thermal insulation. In many cases they choose to use plasterboard.
  • The first thing you have to do is stick the plates or sheets of insulation chosen with a special glue or siliciona made. Once they are set places the plaster boards and then must finish painting the ceiling or to work to make it perfect.

Insulating the ceiling will get better thermal conditions of your home and minimize energy costs, while achieving good ventilation that allows you to avoid suffering from damp, another problem that we suffer at home if not properly insulated.

Video on How to isolate roof:

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