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Saturday, 17 March 2012 17:43

In Espaciohogar we speak now of the pools at home, what we find and what types are best, as well as we can keep.

Having a pool at home means we have the space to do this because we have to keep in mind that no matter how small will be need of a parcel of land or a garden in which to build or place. We also have to take into account other factors.

What we have to keep in mind to put a pool at home:

  • As I mentioned first, the size and space is perhaps the "problem" principal that we have in mind when placing a swimming pool. In addition to the space required to build the pool must we take into account the hole or pit that has to be done so that the pool is spacious well wide. Usually there are several steps though a pool can be called "standard" will need a minimum of 5 meters long by 3 wide and at least about 2 feet deep so we can fill it with water and can swim inside.
  • On the other hand let us consider the design you want for the pool. The most common are rectangular but for example for a pool child many people opt for those that are round. On the other hand many houses with a pool currently has kidney shaped, style pool looks great in houses and not much space.
  • Besides space and design, we must bear in mind that the site where we put the pool is adequate with respect to sunlight received. We need enough for winter if we can swim freely and that do not burn much in summer. It is better that we use have many hours of sunshine.
  • In the space chosen must we also include the meter enough to leave the pool to sunbathe if we want, and it is not recommended that the pool is very close to the house, lest he get wet nothing to jump into the pool .

Once we take into account all these factors we can begin to consult professionals who give advice on the best size, design and how will the work be done to the pool. That is why we also note that we will need a permit for work at home. For this we have to contact our local town hall or place in which we live, or to speak with the company you want to hire the pool because they can usually move the papers to have all the perms.

Cleaning the pool:

  • On the other side and when we have the home-made pool, we know that we have to deal with cleaning and maintenance . It is normally hire a company that we do, but if we do we must we always look to clean the water of things that fall like leaves from trees or an insect to die in the water.
  • We also have to clean the bottom, to sell this special brushes that reach every corner of the pool.
  • Tendremso also be borne in mind that the water has to be disinfected and to do this we must buy a chemical for this.
  • Chlorine is perhaps the most widely used can be purchased in liquid or powder to dissolve in water. This type of products with high acid content of chlorine removed limescale and organic deposits that remain on the walls and in the funds. In the market we can also find free chlorine disinfectants.
  • In addition we have intoaccount buy algae and other acidic products that allow reducing the pH of pool water, not to be aggressive with the skin of swimmers.

Video of swimming pools for homes:

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