Domestic Service Act 2012

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Friday, 16 March 2012 17:04

In Espaciohogar we speak now of which is the Domestic Service Act 2012 and is the governing l to special labor relationship of domestic servants. That is, the law for all those working in domestic service.

The law of 2012 serves Serviced for anyone employed in the home and to know not only all the labor rights that counts, but what are their duties.

Domestic Service Act 2012:

  • From January 1, 2012 came into force the new law approved domestic service in August 2011 and for which people have at home employees have until June to adapt to the new legislation .
  • I must say that not much has changed Housekeeping Law 2012 with previous years although it has some "news" among which is the change from the obligation by the owner of the family home to pay contributions to Social Security from the first hour of work, regardless of the day is full time or part-time and the number of employers.
  • Also the owners of family homes are required to submit requests for affiliations,, ups and downs and changes in data. If the holder fails to do household domestic employees may apply for membership and / or high in the administrations of the Treasury General of Social Security.
  • For those domestic workers who work for companies, these will be the ones to take over your quote.
  • The new law of 2012 House staff also referred to 15 different sections of workers compensation as the contribution base will be determined both for common as professional contingencies.
  • On the other hand, by Royal Decree 1620/2011 of 14 November, we have proceeded to regulate the terms and working conditions of domestic workers, thus abrogating the old Royal Decree 1424/1985 of 1 August, which came regulating this special employment relationship.

  • So now you must notify the Public Employment Service the content of employment contracts and their termination, the amount of extra payments, the requirement to give the worker an individual receipt and justifying the payment of wages or compensation for on termination of contract by withdrawal of the employer, among other and actually work a lot better in many cases is paid through money on "black" or money that is not declared.
  • In addition there are also developments in sickness or other reasons, as though from the ninth day of temporary disability is provided by Social Security, employers will pay from the fourth day until the ninth. Until now paying Social Security Temporary Disability of domestic workers from day 25.

Thus it appears that the situation of domestic workers, which in Spain and according to the CCOO and UGT, totaling over 700.00o, improved as they are "protected" from the first moment they are hired and also be granted the same benefit for temporary disability than the rest of the orkers.

I leave you now, video of the Domestic Service Act 2012:

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