Christmas Tree Decoration 2011

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Thursday, 10 November 2011 21:04

Christmas Tree Decoration 2011 . Ideas to decorate the Christmas tree, takes the white, silver, purple and transparent jewel-like embellishments. Continue traditional embellishments, red, green or Scots.

In tell you more about the decoration of Christmas trees for 2011.


Christmas Tree Decoration

  • Before Christmas arrives we will decorate your proposals for Christmas tree . If this year you want to decorate the tree in different ways here are certainly some idea. It takes a lot of silver and white colors, like snowflakes on the tree. In the photo above a tree with white trim, Christmas stars , and balls of different sizes.


  • The Christmas tree design, as this spectacular silver tree that looks like a sculpture. The black and chrome metal finishes, aluminum, silver add brightness and are fashionable in the minimalist decor .


  • White or silver with bright colors. The Color Purple , purple, mauve, combined with white or silver ornaments.
  • In the photo below a tree decorated using different colors of purple, yellow, blue and white. It complements the decor a Christmas wreath where bands have used the same colors as the tree. TgC_Navidad_145[6]


  • Christmas decoration in pink, magenta and yellow tones. The Christmas tree at the center, and the table lamp is decorated in the same tones.
  • In the tree ornaments imitating red flowers of the Poinsettia. In the lamp a beautiful pink-chain necklace adorned with the same color. The rustic wooden table filled with flowers in pink and red.



  • In the photo below a Christmas tree decorated in an original and stylish. With different designs on cardboard hangtags ocher.
  • Ornaments of pigeons in the same color. A big star tree crown brown on both sides with beautiful Christmas wreaths adorned with the same dove tree. Natural colors, green, ocher and white create a rustic decor while still being stylish.
  • You can create your own decorations with construction paper into squares or rectangles and paste up newspaper, is easy, cheap and the result will surprise you.



novogodishna_elka4 novogodishna_elka16

  • If you like the original decoration, a Christmas tree "snowy" if you have a minimalist living room in white and black or gray you can be beautiful. Along with the white tree another picture of a Christmas tree decorated with ornaments classic but in black and silver combine with the rest of the décor in neutral colors .


  • The classic Christmas tree, which never go out of fashion. Decoration in red, green, gold and white. As this beautiful tree decorated with red balls and white gift box and red. What makes you want to open the boxes?


p_100402943 p_BHG150625

  • A carrot and sand, traditional Christmas tree and the other modern. In the photos above a traditional Christmas tree alpine air, has white trim, red and gold.
  • The other tree trimmed in purple and midnight blue alternating balls and stars, on a wall in red coral.



  • A room predominantly gray color is the perfect setting for this Christmas tree with red and yellow balls. Instead of a star a red bow crowns the tree.

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