TVE React to the success of The Mysteries of Laura?

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009 13:48

Yesterday was seen on TVE, the premiere of "The Mysteries of Laura, his new commitment of fiction starring María Pujalte which had been delayed a lot and in fact was canceled soon to start production, keeping only six episodes.

Perhaps the public broadcaster not trust much in the series, but having the wisdom of releasing it in so short a time "demanding" as is the summer, the premiere of "The Mysteries of Laura" resulted in a good reception from making the audience scored a 18.6% share and 2,679,000 viewers, surpassing even "CSI" on Telecinco.


Then if the series proves a ratings success would have to wait for someone in TVE had just reacting to this well received and decided to instruct its round trip, producer of the series, more episodes for fiction is still visible after holidays.

Anyway, it's doubtful that "The mysteries of Laura" may have more chapters since although the series is quite simple and nice for hot summer nights, it is clear his good start does not mean that the plot has really convinced.

Maria Pujalte makes a proper role as a cop and mother, but the truth is that oozes irony in each of his sentences is very weak, and not invent anything new, the series is entirely predictable. We'll see if in addition to rectify TVE and charge more chapters, frames and mature with them to solve cases.

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Sixth season of Lost: Turn back time to reach final

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Tuesday, 28 July 2009 05:20

I already talked Eslatele a few days ago that the "idea" was commenting more about the plot of the sixth season of "Lost", which we must not forget that be the last, was that we see from the beginning 2010, as the ABC series returned some of the characters who had disappeared in previous seasons.


promotional image which shows all the characters even the dead. Locke also appears in the center back.

Said and done, it seems that the series intends to return to their "sources" (which usually occurs when they are many seasons at the back) and so announced at the last San Diego Comic Con (which certainly seems that for next year could well move to Los Angeles), where they were also Jorge Garcia, Nestor Carbonell and Michael Emerson, the producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and that people understand what will happen ...


Cuse and Lindelof said many things as we used to always talk with second, this time made clear details that were partially anticipated but finally confirmed, and we are going to see how Juliet and reappear Faraday is ie they should be dead but since everything is repeated from the beginning then see them again.

Also responsible for "Lost" talked about that apparently travel through time and the "flash-forwards" were only eliminated in the sixth season and just as these "storylines" have impacted both the spectators and fans of the series, for the new season are expected to be much more surprising.


As for the return of other characters, because names were not fixed and as for other things or "mysteries" I must say that it seems no more to see the Dharma Initiative and on the other hand we know that Jacob is not going to reincarnated as anyone else.


The Comic Con gave to much of what the panel of "Lost" is concerned, although the fans surely would miss which saw some promo about what lies ahead. As they had nothing to offer in this regard as it was seen was a series of videos that made by fans or by the chain itself, were based more on mood than anything else.

Thus we see parodies as would happen if the movie "Brokeback Mountain" was starring Jack Hurley and Sawyer or her own restaurant fried chicken:

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Third Season of Mad Men: Poster and promo before its release

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Entertainment - Television
Monday, 27 July 2009 14:56

On 16 August he will see the chain AMC American premiere of what is perhaps his best series, and that is none other than "Mad Men" which premieres its third season now.

On previous occasions we've talked about things about this third season and it was time for the chain launched the promotional poster given just three weeks left for their return.


The truth is that although it seems that the poster does not come forward much of the new season must be said that it is entirely metaphorical who see the presence of actor John Ham as Don Draper, sitting in his chair with impassive attitude though surrounded by water ...

We do not know exactly what is should this pose and this situation but for me it must mean that despite appearances to Draper will "rain" problems in this third season and among them we can say that their marriage but will receive a new son is not clear that it will be very easy to succeed for us to say.

Also I want to leave the last promo which has launched AMC about the third season of "Mad Men" and is not spectacular like I have been touting the series more on their side "sexual" than anything else, and that the truth is that the series should promote other aspects that are making it one of the best shows on television.

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Season Eight of 24; First promo released at Comic-Con 2009

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Monday, 27 July 2009 02:38

The Comic-Con in San Diego this year is being undoubtedly one of the busiest to date have occurred and that we can not overlook that there are many series that feature a panel there with or well have presented his last season as is the case with "Lost" that certainly has been confirmed that we'll see Juliet, or who have spoken of which could end up being their last deliveries as was "Smallville" submitted the ninth season or "24" than with the presence of Kiefer Sutherland, presented its eighth season.

Just this Fox series, was not the most public of congregations but the truth is that presented both the official poster of the new season where we see the change of scenery is now located in New York, as a step in which could see the first part of what Jack Bauer must resolve in the new plot.


Whether or not last season, I must say that "24" prepares for new storylines and new characters (like the signings of Anil Kapoor, Freddie Prinze Jr. or Katee Sackhoff), but at Comic-Con has been said that the central plot and we will see who lives in a murder plot while in NY meet the U.S. president and Iran, will be highly linked with that seen throughout season seven.

Moreover, it appears that the beginning of the new season will we see a hitherto unknown Bauer as we shall see him happy enough with her daughter and granddaughter. What's happiness soon turns into a new mission, when we see again the agent is "recruited" for the mission which we have named. Time stated in the promo.

I leave the promotion in question, the video does not have the best quality but it should be noted that it is recorded in the Comic-Con:

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