Telecinco now points to Felipe and Letizia for her new TV movie

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Monday, 12 October 2009 15:14

"Paquirri" was without any doubt a shock for Telecinco do good not only for audience data in excess of three million viewers in its two broadcasts, but also has enabled the chain to devote all kinds of programs to the unfortunate fígrua bullfighter and now gives its "witness" to the figure of the Prince and Princess of Asturias and will be the next to have his own TV movie.


So, próximanente see a tv movie with a script by Joaquin Oristrell, which also will serve as producer, where we'll see how it portrays the relationship between Felipe and Letizia since the day they met until their wedding on 22 May 2004.

It is hoped that entoces Telecinco "take" this fiction also launch new and special about it but time to time, as this TV movie is not the only one who is prepared but also there will be a dedicated Cayetana de Alba and the other to Alfonso de Borbón.

Obviously these two characters are also "deserving" of Telecinco to sign their time so it would not be unreasonable to think that Maria Teresa Campos them devote their time in one of those programs that now performs in Saturday afternoons with very good hearing by a .

For Cayetana de Alba is a fiction produced by Fiction Media (the same as "Paquirri) and where we see the early years of the life of the Duchess of Alba until his second marriage, thus obviating its peculiar present.

In the case of Alfonso de Borbon will be a signed minisiere Videomedia which tells the story of the King's cousin who married Carmen Martinez Bordiú and saw as their aspirations to be king were frustrated.

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Lauren Graham returns to television and joined Parenthood

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Entertainment - Television
Monday, 12 October 2009 05:15

Joy for all those who at some point in our lives we have seen some of the great episodes of "Gilmore Girls" and is that what was its star, Lauren Graham seems to be back on television and in particular to NBC and to participate in his new comedy, "Parenthood."

The truth is that this series, based on the movie of the same title in 1989, had already started shooting and actually had his cast completed, but that was when Maura Tierney had to leave his role as a cancer was diagnosed as that first made him decide to delay the shooting and then finally had to leave the series because it still has not recovered.


That's when Helen Hunt was the name that sounded to play the character of Sarah, a single mother with a teenage daughter. The negotiations with Hunt did not come to fruition and it appears that Jason Katims, creator of the series, then thought of Lauren Graham.

And how would not think Graham if she was being Lorelai Gilmore for seven seasons? One of the most famous mothers of adolescent television now would be perfect for "Parenthood", something that could well bring back to prove his good gift for comedy to eliminate risk of being pigeonholed.

Anyway hopefully this new series will soon see the light (scheduled for release in March 2010) because they only appear Lauren Graham who participate in it but other "famous" performers like Peter Krause, Craig T. Nelson and Monica Potter.

Via | Hollywood Reporter


Lost "is out unseen footage to promote his sixth season?

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Entertainment - Television
Sunday, 11 October 2009 07:17

Fans of "Lost" must always be prepared to withstand and endure periods between seasons that typically exceed nine months and the truth is that we are accustomed, but from that to which we will not see any images on the sixth season unpublished until it debuts in the month of February 2010 is a step that many will consider unacceptable.

While it is true that the set of ABC not need much promotion, when speaking of what will be his last season as their fans will be there when it debuts, the truth is that it seems a bit disproportionate to that Apparently neither chain nor responsible for the series or want to promote the series with pictures and new videos.


You might want to save money on a campaign that will benefit few reported if we consider that new fans what is said is not new to be done ...

For the moment everything is a rumor but it would not be unthinkable since the sixth season of "Lost" is really the last and certainly little promotion going to need everything to be said in passing.

Hopefully everything will be just that, a rumor, and that soon we will see a promo about it because I do not know if you realize but there are still more than three months for the release of something that promises to make history and that is far time and little desire to continue to wait or not?


Suddenly the land on Wednesday Gomez Telecinco

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Entertainment - Television
Saturday, 10 October 2009 06:26

It seemed that after long promoted a new series of Telecinco, "Suddenly the Gomez" is not going to be ever since they always used to appear accompanied by a "soon". At last now seems to have found a niche and exploit the disarray that has had the premiere last Wednesday the "My family against all" and now jumps to the Sunday afternoon, we can already say that the series will be starting next Wednesday 14 October and at 22:15 at night.

"Suddenly the Gomez" is for those who do not know, the series that inspired the wonderful "The Riches" and that unfortunately has not been seen since it opened in Spain broadcast on Canal +. Now we will see a kind of version of "Spanish" starring Alicia Borrachero and Gustavo Salmerón.


They give life to Concha y Felipe Tamayo marriage has four children and devote themselves entirely to all types of theft and scams to get ahead. When you least expect it "luck" will make them witnesses a brutal murder that will lead them to become part of the witness protection program which will end up living in a mansion in luxury.

Hopefully the series know their niche because it will coincide with "Physics and Chemistry" on Antena 3 so we'll see if these thieves seduce the audience or whether we will soon see again "Hospital Central" which incidentally was promoting it throughout the August and apparently now will not be until January.

I leave you a preview of "Suddenly the Gomez"

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