The Lying Game: identical twins and exchange of identity ... is not Ringer

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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 15:14

ABC Family The Lying Game Poster The Lying Game: gemelas idénticas e intercambio de identidad... que no es Ringer

On Monday August 15, ABC Family will present a new series, which he has been the talk these days. The teen drama, thriller that involves a great mystery, has called attention to the resemblance to Ringer , The CW series marks the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to television. And all for focusing on the history of some twins.

Based on a series of novels written by Sara Shepard ( Pretty Little Liars ), The Lying Game centers on Emma, ​​a girl who has spent his life in foster homes, who discovers she has a twin sister. Emma Sutton persuaded to swap identities for a few days while looking for his biological mother. What is a good plan takes an unexpected turn when Sutton goes, and may be in trouble. Now Emma must decide between telling the truth or not, the family of her sister, risking his own safety, to know the whereabouts of Sutton and know the truth about why they were separated at first.

For Ringer , Bridget shuns the Mafia takes on the identity of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared. He soon discovers that life is not how it Siobhan thought.

The common elements are clear: identical twins as protagonists, the exchange of identity, the disappearance of one and a great mystery. Of course, critics and the press will not miss the opportunity to compare - but, first, are designed for different type of audience. With regard to comparisons , Charles Pratt Jr., producer of The Lying Game comments:

Our series is different. We appeal to the romantic side of things ... the concept of friendship, the concept of searching for birth parents. That (comparison) help or harm us, do not know. I leave that to the viewers.

The Lying Game The Lying Game: gemelas idénticas e intercambio de identidad... que no es Ringer

By cutting ABC Family, string given space, The Lying Game will offer content appropriate for adolescents, in an atmosphere typical of this sector. The mystery is transported to the school, the relationship with best friends with her boyfriend. According to Pratt, although familiar with the books, the series will feature its own money, not all situations have the same resolution in the text. The producer, who also worked on General Hospital and Melrose Place , is confident that the series has a future.

We have 20 episodes, which would be a school year. We have taken slowly by the nature of history. We have at least two years in high school, which will become three seasons.

For fans of Pretty Little Liars , The Lying Game is a new series to watch. Expect its release next Monday August 15th.

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The Lying Game: identical twins and exchange of identity ... Ringer is not written in TVlia August 9, 2011 by Becky Santoyo
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