The eternal return of Nancy Botwin

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Friday, 26 November 2010 20:04

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weeds El eterno retorno de Nancy Botwin

Two seasons ago that left Agrestic Botwin seeking a new life, a way out of the alley where they had gone, but most who try the History always repeats itself and must flee. And as expected, the sixth season of Weeds has been no exception and is that Nancy is doomed to repeat their mistakes over and over again.

This season began with Nancy and company having to flee in haste with the murder of Pilar Zuarzo. As usual, thanks to the resilience of Nancy quickly (perhaps too) manage to escape the influence of Esteban area thanks to their new identities. And with Newman on stage for a moment everything seemed to return to the beginning of the series together as a family wheeling and dealing again in overtime to survive.

But then, as much as we see Nancy Grace hiciese maiden (and with a wig impossible), a frustrated chef Andy, Silas and Shane buttons babysit (or single parent, as now), this could not last because Stephen is a powerful guy and extremely dangerous, and would not remain with folded arms watching the murderer escapes from his sister taking their child. So it was no surprise when the new front collapsed with the reappearance of Ignacio and Cesar although, again, manage to escape thanks to Shane psychopath vein.

Then came several episodes that did nothing more than beating around the bush, with family strolling back and forth until you return to the town of Nancy, Dearborn (interesting name), where he will be caught again, how could it be otherwise. It is a very quick and superficial overview but show that this sixth season has been a continuous flight, always forward but always returning to the same dead end. The end seemed to go down that same road but luckily, and as usual, managed to surprise us with a twist of the plot.

If we had asked at the beginning of the season how we thought that would end many of us would have answered that Nancy reunited with Stephen but that was how it ended the penultimate episode, so what else could happen? Nancy was delivered as sacrifice and love for his family. And for once, that sacrifice does not involve the sacrifice of others and that each time they had to rush the rest of the family had to leave everything as well (Andy leaves Audra and chairs left his college career and his new acquaintance biological father .) Anyway, I doubt that his family moved to Copenhagen without further because the link is too strong so that Nancy can be sure to be quiet because family visits to prison and why not, some vis a vis.

We'll see what the consequences will surrender to the FBI but it is clear that the plot has taken a decisive turn and this time there seems to be going back. Does it? The truth is that I have not clear but the fact that the very creator of the series, Jenji Kohan, suggest that the seventh may be the last season makes me suspect that perhaps history is not repeated. It was fun while it lasted but be aware that history can not be stretched ever so maybe it's time to stop. What you you think? What do you think of this sixth season? Above all, do you think that the seventh should be your last season?

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The eternal return of Nancy Botwin written TVlia November 26, 2010 by Celia Gallego
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