The People's Princess

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Entertainment - Television
Thursday, 23 September 2010 07:21

Tonight from 22:00 Telecinco can be seen in the premiere of "The People's Princess" which is dedicated to the figure of Belén Esteban.


Tonight should be the night of " Red Eagle "which premieres its third season in TVE, but no, Telecinco has done it again with the documentary" The people's princess "seems to have all the numbers to get to at least shade Globomedia the series.

" The People's Princess "is nothing more than a documentary about the life and miracles of Belén Esteban , and while it has all the earmarks of being a "white ants" dedicated to the San Blas, the truth is that those who I have seen (those who attended the mass celebrated premiere two days ago at Palafox cinemas in Madrid) ensure that work is a film where they have almost succeeded in explaining things that have never before been told.

But that can have "the people's princess" who do not already know about Belén Esteban ? Surely nothing is more a montage of his life care since he was born, until he met Ubrique Jesulin of pregnant and stayed there until it ended up becoming the partner of " Save me "and not only that, the talisman Telecinco.

This country has so little memory and really just anyone who has seen "The Princess of the people" remembered as Belen Esteban had a time in which he liked to surround himself with the more famous the better, he was able to make montages with boyfriends Oscar Lozano as, or even dared to imitate Madonna in a carnival of Tenerife. All this is "the people's princess" undoubtedly a documentary that will not only be a ratings success but also will provide "food" to the chain at least until next week ...