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Thursday, 10 January 2013 02:58

" The Walking Dead "has become three seasons in one of the fictions that accumulates more fans worldwide and celebrate now that it has been renewed for a fourth season which will begin to overtake some details. In Eslatele, we speak now of the fourth season of "The Walking Dead".

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  1. 'The Walking Dead' renewed for fourth season
  2. What to expect from the fourth season of "The Walking Dead"

'The Walking Dead' renewed for fourth season:


  • It was last December when it was announced that "The Walking Dead" would have a fourth season and while the third has not finished airing, (continue broadcasting on February 10), we can move ahead changes in the production of the series while also confirmed its output showrunner, Glen Mazzara .
  • The AMC series had the filmmaker Frank Darabont responsible throughout the first season, but after finishing this Glen Mazzara was appointed as head of the second season. Despite his effort resented fiction although some rose from its ashes and could release a third season so far, and no one to discuss it, is still the best of all.
  • Mazzara has been able to provide "The Walking Dead" for identity with characters full of conflicts, beyond being a series of human-eating zombies, so many doubt that his next start after the fourth season to keep going to achieve above.

What to expect from the fourth season of "The Walking Dead":


  • Anyway we can not forget that one of the leaders of comics, Robert Kirkman continues as producer and consultant on the show and also the wisdom of including new characters along the third season, as, Michonne, Governor or Terence, we have to say ahead of the quarter is expected that others are introduced.
  • In fact Kirkman has already advanced the future of what's to come in season four is "brilliant" and new scenarios arise, so we could see how the characters leave prison found in this third season.
  • In the remaining episodes by issuing still see a sharp confrontation between the governor and Rick are going to change their attitude with that seen to date. The Governor will be much more cruel, having completely lost his daughter, while Rick too feel the weight of being the leader of his group.

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