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Tuesday, 26 June 2012 19:32

" Catch a million "has been for months the fashion contest on television and in fact although Eslatele and we inform you about attending as an audience , now we reveal to you all to participate as contestants.

If you've ever seen "To Catch a million," which features every afternoon in Antena 3 Sobera Carlos , you've seen go by pairs of contestants with an option to be the million that was announced in the title and if you correctly answer 8 questions put to them. Participating in the program is not impossible and in fact you only have to follow these steps.

How to participate in "Catch a million":

  • To be a contestant on "To Catch a million", first of all is important to know who you will want to go to compete, because it's natural to call only one of the partners.
  • You must call the telephone number 905 446 373 and that is the number available to us and Gestmusic Antena 3 (the producer of the program). You will notice that this is an answering machine, so just ask you contact details and leave them a message that can be "why you want to be a contestant?".
  • Once we have left the message and data is a matter of waiting for that call us back. It is better not to be impatient because it's natural to take several days or even weeks to do it in, considering that usually tend to organize casting a month, so that ye will serve you to be calling every day. Even it is not advisable because you will become heavy and you may not even take into account.
  • If you return the call I will meet you to go to the hotel where the auditions are held for contestants (usually given in Madrid, but also often held in other cities), and once there you will have to fill out a form with your data and taste and hobbies, as well as make you a screen test.
  • It is advisable to present yourself with confidence without nerves and to give better camera, and to make clear that what you want is to bring you a good prize in the contest, but also the power to give a good reason why you want to compete and what you want the money is better to give some reason to get out of the ordinary, such as for "to go to circle the world by boat," before saying much "to pay the mortgage."
  • This will have been only the first test, if you call back you will have achieved the second and this is where one side will have to do a mock contest with your partner, answer 8 questions on general knowledge, and also where you separated for to answer a questionnaire of 40 questions about different themes, to assess your level and culture. Clearly looking for people with certain level of education.
  • Once we have responded to the questionnaire, will terminate the test and will tell you one "and I shall call" that may not come until after three or four weeks.

On the other hand, we have to tell you about how you can participate in "Catch a million" but without leaving home, because the program also has an online option for their contestants.

How to compete online in "Catch a million":

  • We can compete during the broadcast. For each evening party with a prize of 200,000 euros is virtual, so you can say that this kind of contest is for fun and not to win real money.
  • And television have to answer 8 questions, and you will of course, a table, four hatches, four possible answers to a question. If you bet on the correct answer, money is saved. However, one false move, and thousands of dollars can disappear virtual.
  • The online game Catch a million is only available in during the live broadcast of the program. Remember, Monday through Friday at 19:45.

Video of "Catch a million":

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