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Saturday, 02 June 2012 02:21

"Generator Rex" a series that over the audience like children's channel Boing, opens tomorrow and Sunday is his third season, in which among other things, we'll be crossed with another popular children's series, "Ben 10 ".

Boing series (although in reality is the Cartoon Network ) "Generator Rex" fulfills three seasons, the last of which we see in open from tomorrow.

"Generator Rex" series of Boing:

  • The series was born two years ago and inspired by the comic M. Rex, published by Image Comics in 1999. The protagonist of "Generator X" is a young Rex apparently normal but is able to become any type of machine each time you need.
  • The "powers" of Rex are due to a blast that occurred years ago and released na high concentration of nanos in the atmosphere, making the protagonist could mutate into different machines.
  • In fact the young man is a monster Evos are mutated from the aforementioned explosion and although many of these still have an intelligent human level, most go crazy and cause widespread destruction.
  • Rex is different from other Evos since it lacks any physical deformity. It is also able to control your nano, allowing you to express a variety of different skills and powers bio-mechanics. It is also capable of disabling the other Evos nanos to which end face when an organization called Providence, and is dedicated to fight these monsters, we recruit for their services.
  • The young man is not only able to extract the Evos nanos bad but can be good and you can even communicate with them mentally and sometimes even control, making it the world in El Salvador where he lives.

Third season of "Generator Rex":

  • The new season of "Generator Rex" opens with a jump in time six months after the young Rex has traveled to the future has discovered that the Black Knight has become a leader in Providence, after the White Knight has disobeyed the orders of their superiors.
  • The youth will face several mutants while also makes a number of problems typical of adolescence.
  • Among the challenges that will face this season will be Rex that the young man trapped in an underground motorcycle race, which has to travel to Egypt on a special mission or need to catch a mutant capable of interfering powers.

A cross between "Generator Rex" and "Ben 10":

  • In this new season will see two episodes, two parts of a chapter titled "Heroes United" in which we see as the series is "cross" with " Ben 10 ", another famous series of Cartoon Network will also broadcast in Spain Boing.
  • In "Heroes United" will be displayed as Ben is absorbed by a portal to another dimension that will take you to a parallel world and the universe is "Generator Rex".
  • Rex will meet Ben and vice versa, and both will not start on the right foot, but when a friend of the protagonist is wounded, Ben decides to help and unite to save the galaxy from deadly Nanite Alpha.
  • The two have to fight together to save their respective worlds in a very dangerous threat to not know and might be able to kill the two, so we will meet in a final battle with this villain.

I leave you video for "Generator Rex":

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