Who will win Big Brother 12 +1?

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Saturday, 26 May 2012 03:09

"Big Brother 12 +1" is prepared these days to an end, to be held on Monday 28 May and will leave a single winner from the four finalists, who will win?.

Of the four finalists, Alessandro, Dani, Joe and Mary, seems to be no clear favorite as they all have their "pros" and "cons" to be or not, the 300,000 euros. We analyze what is and what is not to be worthy of the prize.

These are the four finalists of "Big Brother 12 +1"


  • It was the first to be classified as a finalist and perhaps the most ballots had to win the contest, having known that Naomi had lied about what had happened between her and Rafael in Brazil, but then we have seen seemed to be reconciled Lanzarote to the contestant.
  • Factors to win: Just his history with Naomi is not who has qualified to be a finalist, but eventually it will hurt because even if the guy is a favorite for having known how to take advantage of her disappointment, her weakness could happen bill.
  • Factors to lose: Like to Win: Naomi and the relationship with it. She is the one that divides the audience this year and both could benefit the Italian and hurt. Besides the fact that Martha chose as their "finalist +1" has not contributed much to his last days in the contest.


  • The grace and charm that has Dani have secured the position as a finalist , and in light of how the public welcomed the decision, it seems that most wants to win the prize.
  • Factors to win: Again it should be mentioned Dani's sympathy as a factor to win the contest because he only starred in a number of videos that have amused the audience. Also has the "Finalist +1" Ariadne, which is the most loved by the audience and has known how to go through the program forming a good "duo" with this runner.
  • Factors to lose: For what could cause you to lose, would be that sometimes can be a bit heavy, taking "nail" all or intrusive questioning by their peers. Also entered in reserve so that it could also take its toll.


  • The "dancer" it was clear to reach the final as it has always had great support from the audience and knew how to avoid being nominated almost always. It is also perhaps the contestants that has been the talk of their relationship with others.
  • Factors to Win: The support was part of the audience is what perhaps could make a winner Pepe, who also has always been regarded as a favorite.
  • Factors to lose: The choice of Naomi as his "Finalist +1" Pepe could not win, but the imbalance of the contestant not being welcomed by the vast majority of the followers. Moreover, in recent days it seems that the contestant is a little tired and in fact he looks just campaigning for election as a winner.


  • The Jerez was the last finalist chosen program and even sue election was a surprise to many, for others it has earned for the father as it showed the audience that supports it, having been repescada weeks ago.
  • Factors to Win: The history of "love" between Mary and Hugo could have done that slinks in the final, and perhaps be a reason to win, since she has shown that his feelings for his partner were real. Also elected Sindia as "Finalist +1" and seeing that this is a favorite of the public, could benefit from it.
  • Factors to lose: The choice of Sindia could also be a determining factor that Mary lost since said he had chosen his head and not your heart (Hugo had chosen). The strategy that has moved could punish him.

I leave you video of the finalists of "Big Brother 12 +1":

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