¿Es Cuál you favorite number?

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Entertainment - Television
Tuesday, 24 April 2012 19:13

In the history of television we have found many series that caused a sensation at the time and some that seem to cause a stir will not stop television. What are your favorite series? Today Is The TV series do you propose 10 that have made history for you to give us your opinion.

Many times when we see the series of old did not seem as great as the memory we have in mind and others fascinate us even more than then.

What series are you remember more nostalgia?

If we focus on the series of recent years Paco's men had us all on tenterhooks waiting to see what was happening at the station and of course, the many love affairs that seemed to never find love.

Series like The internship took more than a dream, an interesting plot, but impressive performances with an ending that for some has been a bit disappointing.

We could not forget the Red Eagle or The Boat that are more current and keep us in suspense, waiting for the coming seasons to find out more of his characters and all the history that hide behind.

If we focus on the comedy television series "There's no living being," "Aida" or "looming" are the series that never fail you have to enjoy a good laugh, although that does not go out of style is the series "Friends" that even still enjoying some channels.

And for those who want to dip further in the memories How do you not mention "Farmacia de Guardia", "Tell me" or "Summer Blue"? We went from bicycles to the concerns of online motorcycle insurance and summers in the village to the beach!

Life changes and our tastes also vary, what is for you the best series of all time?