One thing I want to tell premieres on Telecinco

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Thursday, 19 April 2012 02:47

Only a few days ago I talked about in Eslatele of "One thing that I mean" new space for surprises that while looking for people who want to give them or receive them, now at last seems to already have a release date.

Will be next Tuesday April 24, and occupying the space of " You really are worth , "when we see the premiere of" There's one thing I mean "and, remember, lead Jorge Javier Vazquez .

Premiere of "One thing that you say any":

  • "One thing that I mean" can be considered as the return to television programs like "Surprise, surprise" or "There is a face for you" that succeeded for years in Antena 3 and where the family reunions were surprises and tear Telecinco TV moments and attempts to recreate it again with his new commitment of prime time.
  • Jorge Javier Vazquez, who has become a master of television time and how to expand it to reach the "golden minute" if desired, seems the perfect presenter for this "One thing that I want to say" and where he see betting on love, live statements (and surprise) and encounters between people who have spent years without seeing or between first love who had long not seen.
  • The program would also have the presence of celebrities, which in fact are always half share in the surprises that occur and are also the "big claim" many times for this type of program. So we'll see how long it takes Belen Esteban surprising in someone who was with her at school or gather the "ex-big brother" of the odd old edition.
  • Anyway, love seems to be the main protagonist of the new bet on Telecinco and reunions as those mentioned above, other than statements of love for people who do not expect it or engaged couples attending the set.

Telecinco moves against "Luna, the mystery of Calenda"

  • Without a series that can cope with "the mystery of Calenda Moon" and it seems to work quite well in Antena 3, Telecinco bet for something that seems a priori certain, although the one hand JJ Vazquez managed to lift a "Survivor 2011 "and further that many see" Cornered ".
  • On the other hand, although outdated, a program of surprises could live the same experience you are having "The number one" in Antena 3 and when it seemed that the musical talent programs were finished after the end "disastrous" for the last edition of "OT".
  • We'll see if this "One thing I want to tell," is a sorpresaaunque had better change the name because as JJ Vázquez himself has said "Save me", "eventually calling the program" the letter "".

I leave promo "One thing I want to tell":

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