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Sunday, 25 March 2012 01:53

Issued on Friday after the end of " Wizards of Waverly Place ", the loyal audience of Disney Channel will not have time to miss this series but now opens its new fiction "Austin and Ally."

Young teens looking, great comedy and great music is the formula that works so well with their Disney Channel series, as their recent releases " Ant Farm "or" Jessie "and now complete with the premiere of" Austin and Ally " .

What is "Austin and Ally"

  • Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, already produced for this channel "Sonny" and " JONAS LA " , are the creators of "Austin and Ally," the new Disney Channel original series featuring the presence of Ross and Laura Lynch Marano, among others.
  • Described by critics as a kind of "Entourage" (HBO) for the smallest of the house, "Austin and Ally" is a comedy in which we meet two young people who give title to the series and two teens who share a passion that is music.
  • Austin is a young aspiring singer who thanks to the internet has become very popular in Miami and who dreams of becoming a star.
  • Ally is a young aspiring singer also and is also a composer but has a problem, suffering from stage fright so you end up working penning songs for Austin, while alternating his dream with his work at the record store of his parents.
  • On the other hand, the series also features Mary Patricia "Trish" De la Rosa (Raini Rodriguez) to be Ally's best friend while the representative of Austin.
  • The quartet is completed by Dez friends (Calum Worthy) is a young amateur record everything you see and that was in fact Austin that he recorded singing the theme that has led him to be a sensation in internet.Es also the Austin's best friend and I must say that maintain a love / hate relationship with Trish.

Other characters in "Austin and Ally"

  • Andy Milder that will play Lester, the father of Ally. He owns the music store Sonic Boom.
  • Sand will play Nelson Cole, a young man who takes piano and oboe Ally. Their motto is "Aww, Narts!"
  • Centineo Noah will play Dallas, the boy is in love with Ally.

The series so far with a first season in the United States is getting good ratings. So much so in fact that Disney Channel has already increased the number of episodes of 13 to 21.

Promo of "Austin and Ally" on Disney Channel:

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