Revenge premieres on Telecinco and Divinity

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Sunday, 04 March 2012 01:14

Telecinco is a "double" debut because while this afternoon will offer the broadcast of the American series "Revenge", this will be seen also in the female channel Divinity.

The premiere of "Revenge" on Telecinco will occur this afternoon from 16:00, making "What time so happy" to be delayed more than an hour on issue that recently stretched to almost five hours.

"Revenge" on Telecinco and Divinity:

  • The series belongs to ABC, which issued from January on Fox Spain, Telecinco lands now open for broadcast on Sunday evening and also for Monday night, as the issue in Divinity from prime time Monday morning March 5.
  • Although so far ABC has not announced renewal, it seems that "Revenge" (with an average of over 8 million viewers) could be renewed for a second season so that at least Telecinco says will eventually something more to offer in the Sunday strip beyond the program of Maria Teresa Campos.
  • Anyway, the chain will have to be cautious and not trusting that the series will be a success in the afternoons of Sunday and perhaps it also gives you a place in Divinity, the channel for which "Revenge" seems perfect.
  • Make no mistake, "Revenge" is a soap opera series that just adds nothing to the fiction that is billed currently and in many of its episodes as well as predictable is soporific, but those of you accustomed to seeing series in which family trouble, revenge and secrets of the past are certainly the protagonists have gone "hooked" to it.

"Revenge" a series of revenge and betrayal:

  • The plot of "Revenge" is quite simple but focuses on the character of Emily, a sweet and innocent girl aparentenemente is actually quite "bad" but has moved to the Hamptons to be near the Grayson family rich and hides many secrets to blame for the death of his father.
  • Emily is very clear and it should kill all the Grayson family members, even if it should lie, steal (sometimes), hiding his true identity and why not say ... come to kill.
  • Among the protagonists find Emily Van Camp, giving life to the vengeful Emily and Madeline Stowe ("The Last of the Mohicans") that gives life to Victoria Grayson, the matriarch of the family clan against Emily main discharge his anger.
  • The series also features Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny, Ashley Madekwe, Connor Paolo, Max Martini or, among others, Amber Valletta.

I leave you now the promo of "Revenge":

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