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Thursday, 29 December 2011 01:27

While we advance Eslatele few days ago the steps to participate in the casting of " Number 1 "new talents space Antena 3 , now it's the turn of Telecinco launched by the casting of "The Voice".

"The Voice" will be the final title of this new format to the search for talent that has swept across many countries such as the United States, which is issued under the title "The Voice".

What to do to participate in "The Voice":

  • There are two ways to join the first stage of casting of "The Voice" and while certainly the easiest will be to join through the website you can also call Telecinco.
  • It seems that the program has enabled a phone number (806 50 20 55) you can call once you start promoting casting for "The Voice" in
  • If you only have to call to your personal data and thus be able to contact you to join in the first round of testing.

"The Voice" the return of the "talent show" musical Telecinco

  • "The Voice" has been a program that has already swept across many countries and has now landed in Spain at the hands of Talpa and Boomerang TV.
  • The format has worked because it differs from other programs such as " Idol " or "Factor X" in the fact that the search for contestants is not as usual, singing with them before a jury but that all those involved in sing the final casting back to the jury.
  • Thus, the jury must evaluate only the voices, not knowing what will face or body interpreters. When one of the four judges found the voice you want, press a button that allows you to be assigned to the singer in question in this way become your "coach" and be teaching you week after week.
  • If the four judges of two or more simultaneously pressed the button to keep the singer in question, must be the one you choose who you want to learn.
  • Thus in "The Voice" will see a program that ignores the physical participants to prioritize talent.

The program is without doubt one of the strongest bets for next year Telecinco and in fact hopes to release in 2012, the first timestre but yes have to deal with "Number 1" is also space for musical talent, which has started to promote and prepare Antena 3 with Gestmusic .

In both spaces will also have to exercise great artists of the jury, so we'll see which of the two chains has more stars in their respective programs.

I leave you now promo of "The Voice":

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