Neymar al Barcelona

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Monday, 19 December 2011 20:41

The injury to David Villa opened a place in the attack dle Football Club Barcelona. The "Guaje" suffered a broken tibia in the game that "Barça" played at the Al Sadd for Club World Cup semifinal with Guardiola that closed a successful 2011 and, despite the presence of Alexis Sanchez, Pep has no variations in this sector of the field. And as if this were not enough, a potential star of world football coach asked him to take you to Catalunya.

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Neymar is who among the awards ceremony of the Club World would have said the Barca coach who signed him.

Barca has taught us to play football, four goals are many, but we have to do is learn. Barca is a machine for us was a big challenge, but sometimes, to win, first you have to lose. Today I saw the two best players in the world: Xavi and Messi

Messi Neymar

Neymar said at the end of the comparison in a statement to the press.

Messi Neymar Xavi

Geese also

Paulo-Henrique-Ganso Neymar

Neymar's partner in Brazil's Santos, Paulo Henrique Ganso, settle for less than it calls for the flamboyant hairstyle ...

I aspire to joining the club, at most I aspire to is that one day I let them play a game

Goose is not attacking but if Barca would sign both tried taking a society of future performance and impressive as the two are under 21 years of age.


Here is a brief sample of the talent of Neymar and Goose. Are the names you need for Barcelona for the remainder of the season 2011/2012?