Win fantastic prizes with Road to Brazil

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Entertainment - Sports
Friday, 17 May 2013 13:34

They just launched a competition for club members and football fans will be the special rapporteur prize Confederations Cup. United Hobbies is launching the first competition that aims to create a community around the beautiful game, football. Want to know how you can be the winner of the contest? Continue reading.

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United Hobbies has the support of the LFP (Professional Football League) and are launched through Eleven +1, a competition called Road to Basil.

With Road to Brazil is to gather and create a large community around the sport in Spain, football. Passing on the passion for this great sport among all fans of different teams, cities, and which has as one of the primary objectives encourage the participation of club members and fans of the football world on Google +.

How can you participate?

First you need to enter: / concursooncemasuno

Football fan will be assessed

  • The quality and originality of the content.
  • The use of Hangouts to discuss football, or on a particular football team, or a party to any long as it is related to football.
  • You use events and multimedia content in the profile.
  • Participation and monitoring from Google + profile and integration of other sites (blogs, Youtube channels, ...)

Peña or federation

  • Have creative content, updated and fun.
  • That integration is content for the activity of the rock.
  • The use of the site for broadcasting should be before, during and after matches with everything that has to do with the team's rock.
  • Creating events, Hangouts, videos, photos and everything to be the best of the love of you represent.
  • Be valued Google +1 + and the number of people and supporters who have added you to their circles.

What is the prize?

The famous sports journalists as Juanma Castaño, Mister Chip and Axel Torres elect the amateur winner and, this, will become a special reporter Eleven +1 during the Confederations Cup tournament to be held this summer 2013. Also choose the most original rock that its headquarters will become the best place possible to see beyond belief to your computer thanks to its 60 screens. "

You can follow all information on Twitter using the hashtag # CaminoaBrasil and Eleven's profile on Google +1:


Smartphones HTC official sponsor of the UEFA Champions League

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Entertainment - Sports
Tuesday, 14 May 2013 14:48

Currently, the most universal sport is football and it reaches anywhere in the world, to any form of expression and today we present the results of casting HTC One of which I spoke a few days ago. Soccer expressed from 11 points of view.


There was a clear goal in the casting of the HTC One , finding eleven players who could give life to the values ​​that have defined this new phone: innovation, design, unique mobile experiences, real people and proud of herself. For this presented a challenge for all football fans and mobile, had to unleash your creativity to give life to all those adjectives and display them in a format representation football.

After the 800 entries to the casting , its 300 attendees got only 11 being chosen as original visions for their football and showing that it can be expressed in many more ways than in a field:

  • Alejandra del Teso: intrepretar launched into a cappella We are the Champions by Queen.
  • Ana Feijoo, gave birth to a monologue about his desire to be Victoria Beckham to win the challenge.
  • Ana Piedad García Rodríguez, she wrote a song about his feelings to watch a game.
  • Angel Fernandez Lara, created his own flamenco choreography to express what it is football
  • Basem Nahnouh Sousa, made ​​a show of Break Dance while driving a football.
  • Francisco Alvarez Herráez, in just a minute was able to draw the ball chute HTC logo inside.
  • Javier Sanz Aguilar showed the artistic side fúbol domain with Freestyle tricks and juggling.
  • Jimena Coronado, has spent his entire life chipping with her ​​friends to see who makes the ball chutes
  • Juan Gabriel Fontine, a mixture of show from Street Dance and soccer.
  • Nuria Bare, did an original interpretation of what is sport.
  • Ziyi Yang, Chinese contemporary dance mixed with a balloon, along with a Chinese ink painting showing the Ying and Yang symbolized a soccer ball as a universal sport.

Want to see for yourself? We leave the video:


Download Adrenaline: Skydiving and Audi A1 Adrenalin

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Entertainment - Sports
Monday, 13 May 2013 22:36

If you like driving and adrenaline here we leave the details of the challenge launched Audi to launch its new Audi A1 car and parachuting activities.


Any kind of sport allows us to relieve stress and reach a euphoric sensation. With this in mind, the car manufacturer Audi launches advergame to present his new car Audi A1 Adrenalin in ensuring that the adrenaline, the passion for sports and skydiving will make this your best choice.

The aim of this advergame is to find the Audi A1 Adrenalin that is hidden somewhere in the country, a task for which you will have tracks you can find on the web page, one of the most interesting or funny, is that need to perform this search virtual parachute jumps.

Every time you make one of these jumps in the game, with the help of Google Maps you can discover where you're jumping around you and if the vehicle is hidden. Jump after jump will have to pursue your goal to find the Audi A1 Adrenalin.

This virtual experience adrenaline attempts to emulate the feel with a real leap, which relate to the feeling of driving this new vehicle from Audi. The A1 Adrenalin is the new release from the house, considering the younger model, more accessible and also the most daring of the German firm.

Those that you find the vehicle through advergame, through the contest will have the opportunity to parachute at an altitude of 5000 meters, pure adrenaline rush that will continue driving the Audi A1 Adrenalin with a test that lets concoerlo exclusive of firsthand.

If you want to know more about this contest or Colmenar right now to pursue the challenge, click on the image and take you directly to the official website.


Mola out with the bike!

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Entertainment - Sports
Wednesday, 08 May 2013 16:07


Meeting with the bike, either by city or mountain, is becoming trend. An exercise, that with good time to look back through the streets of our cities and roads in our mountains. A sport that, from the first pedal stroke you make, you'll be hooked. Take advantage of the good weather we have and the advantages of cycling.

What's cool to get to your job on time and without relying on others? Surely more than one has been, like me, be waiting, for long minutes in the caravan of the M30, M40 or any entrance to the city because of the excessive amount of car. For that, the bike does not pass!

And it's not just a matter of convenience, as it is clinically proven that cycling is one of the most complete exercise for the body and helps prevent back pain. This activity protects the joints and improves circulatory and immune system of our body. Besides mental health remains in good condition.


If you have not tried to get on a bike, seriously, start doing it! Sure you engage in this great activity. You check, in no time, the benefits that this exercise on health. Also take care of our physical, giving it a better look. Feel beautiful inside and out riding.

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