Justin Bieber sings to his mother on stage

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013 17:42

Maybe for many, Justin Bieber is a guy who is not knowing how to bring fame. And although in recent days has made ​​headlines for drinking beer , or because even said he had left his grandfather living in poverty actually tell it's a young man who loves his family and especially his mother Pattie Mallette which rose by surprise on stage at one of his concerts. In PrensaCorazón, Justin Bieber sings to his mother on stage.

Justin Bieber sings to his mother on stage

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  3. Justin Bieber docked in South Africa

Justin Bieber sings to his mother on stage


  • Although fame is taking its toll and it seems that behind the Justin Bieber was left Canada humble, it is certain that the young singer of 19 years has provided details to his mother, which never forgets so useful that Last Sunday was celebrated Mother's Day in the United States took the opportunity to sing in full concert.
  • Bieber was performing in Johannesburg (S outh Africa) and at the time of singing "One Less Lonely Girl" to the one that always chooses a girl from the audience and that gives flowers, decided that "his girl" would be in that moment his mother.
  • Patty had traveled from the United States to be with his son on a special day, and even had a concert so it was a big surprise when they took the stage in front of all the fans.
  • Justin sang the song, and also gave flowers not stop giving kisses to his mother, prompting the excitement of this I could not stop laughing proud as we see in the video below.

Video of Justin Bieber singing to his mother on stage

Justin Bieber docked in South Africa


  • On the other hand it seems that Bieber concert in South Africa, although they have had much success with the public, have not been profitable in matters of sales of merchandise and that the singer was being robbed while performing.
  • Just hours after Justin Bieber concert ended on Sunday in which took the stage to his mother in South Africa FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, were stolen $ 325,000 they earned from the sale of drinks and promotional items.
  • Apparently the attackers was an organized group that would have addressed it the days before the concert because not only stole the money in the Bieber concert, also took the money raised from the sale of merchandise in the Bon Jovi concert that had offered a day earlier on the same stage.
  • We do not know how many people are involved in the robbery, as we're still gathering evidence, "he said yesterday Katlego Mogale, South African police spokesman.
  • According to preliminary police investigations loss in assailants might have entered the room where the money was through the roof. To do this, they would have armed chisels and hammers to dig the walls, and strings to achieve deep into the room without being seen.

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Angelina Jolie is facing cancer

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 16:35

Angelina Jolie is the star of the day why not have released a new film, but wanted to share with everyone who is undergoing treatment for combat or indeed to prevent cancer. In PrensaCorazón, Angelina Jolie restrains cancer.


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  2. Angelina Jolie undergoes a double mastectomy

Angelina Jolie is facing cancer:


  • Pretty Angelina Jolie has written an interesting article in the newspaper New York Times in which he recounts the treatment he is undergoing and has decided p oner remedy that could be a future breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  • The actress explains in his article that his mother died of cancer 56 years so she does not want your children to see it die in the same way (apparently his mother fought against the disease ten years), and would have undergone a study to know what chance does she suffer the same cancer your mother.
  • Thus according to the result, the actress has the gene BRC1, so your chances of developing breast cancer would be of 87% while those of developing ovarian cancer would be 50%.

Angelina Jolie undergoes a double mastectomy:


  • That is why the month of February beginning treatment, to undergo a double mastectomy that lasted three months and to prevent breast cancer that is more likely to end up suffering.
  • Jolie has gone into this process to several surgical interventions and in addition to replace tissue in the chest, I have placed an implant.
  • The treatment that followed began on February 2 and lasted until April 27. However no one has heard so far and in fact she wanted to continue their work without the press or environment knowing.
  • Who did know was her husband (or boyfriend) Brad Pitt as he has been by his side at all times and accompanied him in each and every one of the rooms and hospital visits for which the actress has passed.
  • The result of the mastectomy has been good and in fact explains Jolie now your cancer risk is 5%.

Obviously, the treatment he has undergone Angelina Jolie is not cheap and sure many women would do the same if they had the money and know that they have the same gene, although the testimony of actress serves to record their courage and especially because serves to encourage all women we do not doubt in reviews and see a doctor if you believe.


Shakira decides dejar The Voice

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 11:10

Shakira seems to have had enough with the experience of being "coach" on the NBC talent show "The Voice" and it seems that is not going to repeat the experience and will be dedicated to his son Milan ( she and Gerard Piqué became parents in January) In addition the program will get back to another famous singer was already previously as "coach". In PrensaCorazón, we give all the details of why Shakira decided to leave " The Voice ".


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  1. Shakira decided to leave "The Voice"
  2. Christina Aguilera returns to "The Voice"
  3. Video with the best moments of Shakira on "The Voice"

Shakira decided to leave "The Voice"


  • Little has lasted the chair as "coach" on "The Voice" Shakira and although it was released in a couple of months ago when NBC broadcasts began with its fourth season now apparently has decided to leave the program.
  • As reported by various U.S. media, the Colombian singer has refused to renew his contract on "The Voice" because on one hand it was mother recently and want to spend more time with his son Milan, and his partner, FC Barcelona player, Gerard Pique, and of preparing new album.
  • The singer is already more than a year preparing the issues of what will be his new album, and also going to release under the label of Jay-Z with which he signed last 2012.
  • With this project and a personal life that you want to enjoy, Shakira seems to have chosen to leave "The Voice" while passing through the program has been a success.
  • In fact even the audience has grown so desired hubieera NBC to continue with them, though it seems to be well and more, is now announcing the return of Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera returns to "The Voice"


  • Christina Aguilera was in the first three seasons of "The Voice," and though she was one of the main demands of the program and among the group of "coach" among which are also Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee-Loo (now replaced by Usher), we must say that it passes through the program was not very prominent.
  • Anyway she was going to renew for the fourth season but was not well when he decided to devote more attention to his music career.
  • Aguiler decided to release a new album a few months ago, called "Lotus" and for leaving "The Voice" but after realizing that the disc has not been a sales success has chosen to return to television.
  • Thus the singer and is negotiating his return for the fifth season of "The Voice" and it would be entirely possible if we consider the output of Shakira.

Video with the best moments of Shakira on "The Voice"

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Famosas en bikini 2013

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Monday, 13 May 2013 03:09

Recently I talked about the photos showing Kim Kardashian in bikini while pregnant, which leads us now that we dedicate a special post to all those celebrities who have released the summer and in fact have already been plundered perched or enjoying the sun and above all, look in their bikinis body. Let's see now the best pictures of Celebs in bikini 2013.


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  1. Elsa Pataky in Bikini
  2. Rihanna in bikini
  3. Britney Spears in a bikini
  4. Selena Gomez in a bikini
  5. Alanis Morissette in bikini
  6. Beyonce in bikini

Elsa Pataky in Bikini:


  • We started our special famous bikini 2013, with an image of Spanish actress Elsa Pataky , which does not quite know anything (and since I gave birth to her daughter), but you just surprise us with a cover and story for the first issue of Women's Health and which claims to have regained her figure and have a great body with this bikini in two colors.

Rihanna in bikini:


  • See Rihanna in bikini is not uncommon as cold or hot, the singer often relies vacation get and thus upload photos to Instagram as we have above.
  • The Barbados posed a couple of months ago and in great and also on Twitter thanking the designer had given this "mini" bikini which she says it is her favorite.

Britney Spears in a bikini:


  • The famous bikini plundered not only in the pictures that were taken while on vacation. In the case of Britney Spears for example, recently seen on the cover of Shape magazine and who has posed for having made ​​a new diet. The singer is great and body preparadísima to wear in the summer of 2013.

Selena Gomez in a bikini:


  • While Selena Gomez may select one of the images of his latest film "Spring Breakers" in which it appears most of the time in a bikini, but the truth is that she takes a few weeks for sunbathing advantage whenever he can.
  • In fact, last March was enjoying a few days of sun with friends and did not hesitate to share a picture of yourself in a bikini with those who follow in your own social network Twitter.

Alanis Morissette in bikini:

Semi-Exclusive ... Pasty Ever Alanis Morissette & Son Enjoy The Beach In Hawaii

  • The singer Alanis Morissette has been plundered in the famous bikini this 2013, and although many have criticized have neglected their image somewhat ny that has a body with curves too the fact is that I think it's great.
  • She does not sell her image as other "celebrities", is dedicated to the music and it has always boasted of giving importance to the natural beauty.

Beyonce in bikini:

beyonce-bikini-h & m-lg-02

  • And finally I leave in bikini photo of Beyoncé as she is the most famous of all looks spectacular we've seen in a swimsuit this year. Obviously I have to highlight one of the photos from his latest campaign for H & M and to those who posed with two pieces that you feel great.

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