Best and worst famous without makeup

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 07:23

Recently I talked about in PrensaCorazón of as actress Emilia Clarke had decided to go without makeup in a photo, and while filled with positive comments, the fact is that not all the famous receive when trying to come up with the "face wash" . Let us now see what are the best and worst famous without makeup.


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Best famous without makeup

Demi Lovato


  • Demi Lovato is now today, not only because it will soon get his new album called "Demi" but because in recent days we have been betting on the "natural look" and made ​​it look like can boast of beautiful without a drop of makeup.
  • It is certainly one of the best famous without makeup and although youth do much, the same bet she increasingly appear without makeup makes her fans take a stand.


  • The makeup is pretty usually is not a drop of it and in the case of Rihanna, this statement perfectly fulfills Barbados since usually wander forever without wearing makeup but yes with sunglasses that they hide virtually all face but not needed.
  • The few times that we have seen in this photo, has shown that the star is perhaps the most beautiful natural and in fact even more GUPA that when you go to a premiere or concert celebrating.

Heidi Klum:

  • Heidi Klum is another famous that although each occurrence gorgeous makeup posing when he decides himself to be photographed natural is better when we see it.
  • This photo is also made for a good cause, and who posed without makeup for a campaign of BBC Children In Need 'for needy children.

The worst famous without makeup:

Anne Hathaway


  • Anne Hathaway may look like a princess every time you put on a red carpet, but the truth is that in the day and when it has not a drop of makeup, the actress from "Les Miserables", looks like a girl "of the bunch ".
  • Bags and dark circles are not the best ally when it comes to looking good, but neither is it "horrible", I imagine that the poor will be caught early in the morning.

Kim Kardashian:


  • Kim Kardashian usually wear so many layers of makeup on your face it's hard to recognize it when caught without a drop. The mother-bet very occasionally, for that natural look and while not ugly at all, the fact is that it is light years away from the exuberant woman is when we see makeup.

Lady GaGa:


  • It may be one of the current "queen of pop", you may well be the "Queen" of Twitter and the Little Monster's worship, but the truth is that Lady GaGa Lady GaGa would be if we saw it like that, without makeup their shows.
  • Accustomed to their wigs, eyelashes and even masks, the child is not herself when she decided to pose in this fashion on Twitter. She advocates the "be as one born" and give a round of applause but hey, it was not necessary.

Video of famous without makeup:

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Justin Bieber estrena video de All around the world

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 03:43

A lime, and sand; yesterday had to tell you about how Justin Bieber was not the king of Twitter as more than half of his followers belong to fake accounts, and now the singer back in the news but this time due is the premiere of her new music video. In PrensaCorazón, Justin Bieber video premieres All around the world .


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Justin Bieber unveils video All around the world:


  • Already warned yesterday Justin Bieber on his official Twitter account, on the other hand is giving a lot of talk this week, and a few hours is going to release their new music video, part of the song "All Around the World" and that if good features rapper Ludacris, is that we can see a little as has been and is being done as the "Believe Tour" the singer.
  • The truth is that you would expect a song called "Around the world" had pictures of all the countries through which Bieber has traveled in recent months and indeed we can see so well known around the world including London, Paris , and even Egypt or Africa.
  • Now, I'm sure that what will be liked by the "Beliebers" will have been that at all times the clip features scenes in which they appear and of course, screaming, crying and chasing the boy wherever he goes. In addition, the video unites all pictures starring Bieber and Ludacris himself at the Apollo Theatre in New York.
  • I leave the video below, in which of course there are also scenes of "Beliebers" Spanish so look for if you go.

Video of All Around the World

Making the video of All Around the world:


  • You could say that the recording of the new video of Justin Bieber has lasted more than a year since it was given last 2012 when he traveled to Europe to start promoting that was his first single "Boyfriend", since then began to record moments in which we see the singer in front of their fans worldwide.
  • From Oslo to Egypt through Mexico (and which filled the Zocalo plaza acting, yes, free), and as much of the United States, the cameras always accompany Bieber have recorded everything to do now is collection as a video clip.
  • Needless to say that much of what has been etched out, of course, precisely the documentary that bore the name of "All Around the World" which aired on television last year with the launch of the album "Believe".

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Justin Bieber is not the "king" of Twitter

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Friday, 12 April 2013 11:43

Although for many " Beliebers "Justin Bieber takes over a year to be the" king "of Twitter thanks to the more than 37 million followers who accumulates the singer in this social network, it seems now that uncovers the young singer does not accumulate this figure and in fact would be much smaller than you think because many of the accounts that follow are not true. In PrensaCorazón we explain why Justin Bieber is not the "king" of Twitter.


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  2. False accounts of famous followers on Twitter

Justin Bieber is not the "king" of Twitter:


  • Currently, Justin Bieber has accumulated a total of 37,390,574 "followers" on Twitter , which makes him the person who has more followers on this social network but apparently many of them, even more than half, would not exist.
  • Socialbakers , a website that specializes in analyzing social platforms, has been studied in detail Bieber's account and has concluded that more than half of the singer's fans on Twitter are fake so it has "only" 17.8 million.
  • Recall that Bieber was "crowned" "King" of Twitter in January 2013 when he won the 37 million "followers" and also surpassed Lady Gaga has 19 million and percent real would she being the "real Queen"
  • If we analyze ourselves to having Bieber followers on Twitter, we realize immediately that the vast majority of accounts that are declared "fans" are false, since on the one hand or just have the mission to follow the singer, or otherwise are accounts only follow celebrities, ie accounts created for the celebrities in question and thus buy their "followers" will rise as both products are promoted or sent mail "spam".

False accounts of famous followers on Twitter:


  • It's nothing new the "buy followers" on Twitter by or made ​​famous by the record companies that carry many of the singers currently ravaging.
  • What you do is to hire companies that are dedicated to creating fake profiles on social networking and mentioned that they are paid for such profiles, follow the singer, actor or artist in question.
  • Besides these accounts are used to promote products, or indeed many of them are actually "spam" even interact with Twitter users who send messages like dieting or make money easily and without work.

In order that Twitter seems to have become a new controversy to add to the already accumulating Bieber 2013 and this is undoubtedly being his worst year as far as relates reviews and nonsense, not if I should take a break and go Vacation (including Twitter) for a while.

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Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones without makeup

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Thursday, 11 April 2013 18:51

If there is a number, at present, we can say that and actually sweeps is a worldwide phenomenon, that's " Game of Thrones "and has launched to stardom at the young actress Emilia Clarke of which little was known until recently and now collects fans worldwide, have also been shown how beautiful she is without makeup .


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  3. Video of Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke without makeup:


  • If you are a viewer of "Game of Thrones" or you abreast of the television series will sound Clarke Emily's face, the actress who plays the character of Daenerys Targaryen in said fiction or fact highlighting captures all eyes to live a very long blond hair (almost white) and it is beautiful.
  • Apart from his character, full of mystery and power, Clarke is a 26 year old girl from overnight has become very required for premieres and award shows and although beautiful and always see a "look "stylish now she has decided to pose for the camera without a drop of makeup.
  • She decided to hang the picture you see above in their official Facebook and without any explanation or why he wanted to show as it was, though fans have received with great pleasure the image and indeed the social network has been filled Comment on repeating how beautiful she is in addition to natural with brown hair.

Short Biography of Emilia Clarke:


  • In case you do not know Emilia Clarke or indeed want to know more about this actress, we must point out that he was born in London in 1988, although other reports indicate that he was born in 1987,
  • The actress attended St. Edward's School in Oxfordy subsequent to drama school Drama Centre London, where he could gain experience on stage, graduating in 2009.
  • Just get your degree started getting small roles in British soap operas, and was in 2010 when he got his big break when he signed for "Game of Thrones" and after Tamzin Merchant left the project, and staying with a role she has reported the deserved success it now enjoys.

Video of Emilia Clarke

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