Biography of Ariana Grande

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Sunday, 05 May 2013 11:12

In PrensaCorazón I have spoken at one time or another of the artists who have emerged in the last years of Nickelodeon, as Big Time Rush , for example, although one of these seems to glow with its own light and in fact accumulates each year and more fans. I'm talking about the singer and actress Ariana Grande that while he was part of the series " Victorious "is now preparing to launch new series disk and star. Let's see now the biography of Ariana Grande.


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Biography of Ariana Grande

"Cat Valentine" Season 2 VICTORIOUS Ariana

  • Born June 26, 1993 (for what is about to turn 20), Ariana Grande is known for having played the character of Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon series "Victorious".
  • The actress is also a singer and although this aspect has always had as an afterthought, in the last year we have seen not only versionando occasional issues famous singer but she is now preparing for its upcoming musical.
  • Since childhood, Ariana wanted to be an artist and represented small and plays. It is of Italian and Mexican descent and has a brother, Frankie James Grande, which is also dedicated to the world of acting, besides being a singer, theater director and producer.


  • For many fans, the character of Cat is the best in the series "Victorious" and not only sympathy but also excels in the series Ariana its almost reddish hair color but have to say that is not their natural color.
  • When did the casting for the series, the producer and creator Dan Schneider, who already had considered many actresses with dark hair or brown so I suggested to Grande dyed it so she accepted magenta dye.

Ariana Grande and new projects

arana singer

  • Although still very young, the fact is that his work on "Victorious" Ariana Grande has provided the opportunity to expand his career to music and while I said it has recorded several "covers" of artists like Adele or Justin Bieber (and that you hang on your YouTube account), Ariana has begun recording for months what will be his first album.
  • "Daydreamin '" is how this first album called Ariana Grande and which has worked with the likes of Sky Blue of LMFAO group).


  • Also soon to be released in the new Nickelodeon series, "Sam and Cat", which retrieves the character he played in "Victorious" but this time to share the limelight with Jennette McCurdy and also repeated in his character of Sam Puckett, and we saw in "iCarly".
  • Thus the channel premiere this spin-off born from "Victorious" and "iCarly" and in which we see as the characters of Sam and Cat live and work together.
  • Apparently the plot of the series will start when Sam has to travel to Seattle to talk about a show at Hollywood Arts website (the stage of "Victorious"). There she and Cat finally meet and become friends, and partners in a business of child care.

Videos of Ariana Grande:

Video "The Way" with Mac Miller

Video of "Put Your Hears Up"

Video cover of "Die in your arms"

Video cover of "Rolling in the deep"

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Miley Cyrus, the most sexy for Maxim magazine

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Saturday, 04 May 2013 13:48

Miley Cyrus seems more than determined to become a woman desired or indeed already is, if we consider that it is not afraid to pose practically naked and also just be "crowned" as the most sexy for Maxim magazine. In PrensaCorazón, Miley Cyrus, the most sexy for Maxim magazine.


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Miley Cyrus, the most sexy for Maxim

miley V

  • Miley Cyrus has just been chosen by Maxim magazine as the more famous "hot" or become more sexy. The singer leads a list in which each year that publication elects the 100 celebrities who considered more attractive and desired.
  • The truth is that the magazine has yet to release an official list, and neither has taken the special issue in which Cyrus should appear on the cover but she was so happy with the fact that he was chosen as the sexiest made it known through their account on Twitter .
  • "I knew this was going to come out yet! I am very happy to be No. 1 on the Maxim Hot 100 "wrote the singer in a" tweet ", and share the photo you see above and which appears in a swimsuit, lying wet hair and a seductive pose .
  • The truth is that Cyrus has greatly improved its position on last year's list because it was ranked number 62 while the "top 5" of the famous five more "sexy" was occupied by Bar Refaeli, Olivia Munn, Mila Kunis, Katy Perry and Olivia Wilde

Miley Cyrus in V magazine


  • Cyrus has been in the news this week as it appeared in the most provocactivo posed for V magazine and in which we have seen practically naked.
  • Mario Testino has been commissioned Miley photo for V magazine and in which appears not only playing with clothes and showing her body more than necessary but we also see how the girl proudly wears all his tattoos.
  • Also in the photos we see much more "rock" with her hair, and has already set the trend, of different colors, pink, lilac, orange or white.

Video of Miley Cyrus sexy:

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Selena Gomez new image Adidas | Pictures and Video

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Friday, 03 May 2013 16:25

Selena Gomez is news these days as though he recently made ​​known the new tour dates for 2013, and will visit Madrid , now also becomes Adidas advertising image and for which it perched urban-style. In PrensaCorazón we show photos and video of Selena Gomez as new face of Adidas .


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Selena Gomez Adidas new image


  • Selena Gomez again appears to be Justin Bieber's girlfriend, but it could be America's sweetheart, is also an image for Adidas sports firm and just released the photos and the announcement of his new collection for next autumn- winter.
  • The singer and actress is shown wearing very urban clothing and always combined with the latest models of shoes NEO, the younger line of Adidas and that she wanted to have again with Selena Gomez, who has worked with a few months ago to present Summer collection.
  • In the photos, and the video, we see Selena appears laughing and dressed very comfortable. Nothing to do with the last appearances of the young and seems to be somewhat obsessed with look increasingly tight dresses and high heels, so that will make it look much older than it is.


  • Selena herself has spoken of this new modeled for Adidas, and wrote on his Twitter account: "The last three days have been a frenzy of trading sessions, pictures, and tomorrow. All of my lines, I hope you like ". And then he added in another tweet saying "Good morning with @ adidasNEOLabel for my fall / winter collection"

Video of Selena Gomeza for Adidas

Justin Bieber is also Adidas image


  • We can not forget that Justin Bieber, boyfriend of the protagonist of the story, is also an image of Adidas and also for Neo Label.
  • In fact both were hired at a time and separately, Bieber has also starred in a couple of pictures for the firm as well as ad would you like to see them together in the future promoting Adidas garments?.

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Harry Styles harassed by fans in Paris

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 06:10

Recently I talked about the rumors that Harry Styles could be recording his own solo album , and although these were of all denials, we can say that the boy may well have a career and One Direction outside and when you consider all the stir that has been mounted with a recent visit to Paris in the company of other members of the group. In PrensaCorazón, Harry Styles harassed by fans in Paris.


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  3. The One Direction sweep in France
  4. Video Zayn Malik with his girlfriend in Paris

Harry Styles harassed by fans in Paris


  • This week's stop on the tour of the One Direction has been France, where the group gave concert in Paris and where directioners could show them how much they want and in fact made ​​it clear that her favorite is Harry Styles.
  • The group was staying at their hotel in Paris, when suddenly the fans gathered at the gates of it is learned that Styles would leave in the afternoon for a walk.
  • A bad idea since before the singer could safely leave your hotel, the door was crowded with young screaming like hysterical, and though Harry's car was a few meters, the truth is that he had severe difficulties to achieve the same.
  • The boy was accompanied by three members of Segurida that you could barely open the way to the car and in fact there was police also saw them and wanted them to get the girls had not just literally crushing Harry that if we look at the video that I leave then leaves the hotel with a blue cap and get to the car to carry it in your hand all the movements and "touching" suffered.
  • The story does not end there, because once started the car all the fans ran back and actually followed him for several blocks.

Video of Harry Styles harassed by fans in Paris

The One Direction sweep in France


  • Regardless of who has suffered harassment in Paris Harry Styles, One Direction boys have proved happy to perform with his "Take me home tour" in France and actually wanted to take the time to maximum and beyond the concerts offered .
  • In fact the protagonist of our story, Harry Styles, did not miss making a cultural visit and went to Montmartre museum, while Niall Horan bathing in one of its sources and Liam Payne showed his love for Paris on his Twitter account .
  • Zayn Malik also took the opportunity to go to celebrate with his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards their first anniversary also sealed with a nice kiss with Eiffel tower as we see in this other video

Video Zayn Malik with his girlfriend in Paris:

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