Prince William, his ex-girlfriends and Kate Middleton

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Thursday, 28 April 2011 19:53

For many, this love story seems to be lifelong, however, there were many brides in the life of Prince William who may be at this moment in place of Kate Middleton , and be heir to the British crown. Let's see who are they:

Davina Duckworth-Chad

Davina Duckworth-Chad, the first woman with whom he was linked to Prince William and they believe that he lost his virginity. They met in the summer of 1999 on a cruise around the Aegean Sea, however, address the rumors of his alleged affair, he came out to deny it outright. She is now married and has twins.

Rose Farquhar

Rose Farquhar was the first official girlfriend of William. They were together in 2000 and is considered the first love of Prince. She is the daughter of a wealthy English landowner. Today she has moved to New York he studied at drama school and try to propel as a singer.

Jessica Craig

Jessica Craig seems to have had an important place in the heart of William. They met when they were 16 years, but the couple were 2000 to 2001 and many believe she would be his great love. The British press has been rumored that they had an affair in 2003 and the wedding of Kate and it's a farce, as was that of Charles and Lady Diana. However, there are many witnesses that between the new couple much love.

Natalie Hicks-Löbbecke

Natalie Hicks-Löbbecke had a short affair with him. They met because they form part of the circle Natalie polo William, the daughter of a British army officer. They were linked for ten years. She is currently married to a real estate magnate, with whom she has a son.

Arabella Musgrave

Arabella Musgrave took a short sharp engagement with the prince. They met in 2001 during a polo match, but all ended when he moved to college and could not continue with a love from afar. Currently she is in charge of public relations in the famous Gucci brand.

Carly Massy-Birch

Carly Massy-Birch was the first girl that the prince looked well and went to college. With Carly was very little time, since he still could not forget about Arabella and because their eyes were diverted quickly to Kate, also a student at the University of St. Andrews.

Olivia Hunt

While at the University once he set at Kate, was pleased to come out with Olivia Hunt. Many say that this short relationship lasted until the beginning of the relationship with Kate, but nothing was confirmed about it. The truth is that three of them are good friends now.

Kate Middleton, the future wife of Prince

Within hours of the most anticipated wedding of the year, it is recalled how the couple met both have won the hearts of many people. They first crossed at the University of St.Andrews, and it was he who noticed it first. They began a friendship in 2002 and from there the press has been stripped off and continued at every opportunity they had to be seen, different trips or vacations. That same year, Kate, William and two other friends, moved into a house together. At that time she linked it with another person, but many rumors that this was the time when they began a romance.

Apparently, and according to legend, the awakening of love or attraction by William, was when the parade was a dress in a fashion show. Only in 2004 was the first seen kissing. That happened on a ski slope in Switzerland.

In 2004 they had a separation by mutual agreement as to how their lives continue on, and if it was worth the relationship. Some argue that this could have been about a trip he made a cruise to Greece, where the crew was overflowing with women.
During this period the distance he linked with Anna Sloan, a wealthy young man she met at the University of Scotland and which has never been known if they had a romance or was it just friendship. Others argue that the separation was because the prince wanted to leave with the British model and actress Isabella Anstruther. Her family belongs to the aristocracy and has always denied, with her, who had had a relationship that was not friendly.

They waited until 2007 to be back together, but they insisted they were just good friends. It was not long that year, they resumed their relationship. In 2008 she became even more beloved by the royal family, when he attended the wedding of Peter Phillips, cousin of the prince, as the bride and representing him as he was unable to attend because he had other commitments.

Finally in 2010 announced a commitment of the couple and to be held this April 29, 2011 in Westminster Abbey, which lacks only a few hours and we all feel part.

Prince William, his ex-girlfriends Kate Middleton and written in Hiperpop April 28, 2011 by Luciana Gallardo
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