The 5 most famous spendthrifts

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Monday, 03 November 2008 12:10

If you thought the global economic crisis wasteful soothed the anxieties of those 5 celebrities, you were wrong. They spend and spend no matter what, and so are 5 more lavish celebrity today. Want to know?

  1. Michael Jackson. The King of Pop gets all the prizes to the most extravagant celebrity of all. The singer was seen in recent days to stop wasting dollars without a furniture store and in a place of beauty, where he bought a huge amount of skin creams. Apparently, Michael Jackson makes fun of his debts and the vice of extravagance dawns buying trinkets. They've said a few days ago, Michael took a (useless) model of an airplane carrying the name of one of his albums, Off The Wall.
  2. Reese Witherspoon. Another who spares no expense is U.S. actress Reese Witherspoon, considered the true "American blonde." Reese spent around 1,000 euros in a sex shop and only in lingerie. Anyway, if we think that is one of the best paid actresses in Hollywood, which kills around 14 million per movie, what it spent in the sex shop was a real trifle.
  3. Ben Affleck. The ex of Jennifer Lopez does not scrimp on expenses, and least of all if the money is in a clothing store. And is that Affleck is a lover of wearing Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana, to the extent that spent an exorbitant sum of 14,000 euros in just 30 minutes.
  4. Lindsay Lohan. The controversial actress admitted that she is a compulsive shopper and really has amply demonstrated. Recently, Lohan spent no less than EUR 700,000 on clothes and 50,000 beauty products.
  5. Penelope Cruz. The Spanish actress does not seem to spend much while in their country, but when out on the go. On a recent visit to Chile, Peter spent almost $ 10,000 in clothing.

Outside the ranking, but also located among the most wasteful, is the actress Jennifer Aniston.

Via: 20minutos