Who said that celebrities are perfect? (Big ears)

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Thursday, 18 March 2010 00:21

It is true that all people have at least a part of our body that we do not like: some people suffer for having a giant nose, others bemoan their ugly feet and also those who are always about to come flying through their ears "Dumbo the Elephant."

Today I am good, so I chose to talk about big ears, a default "fair". For many it is not so bad to have big ears. In fact, some feel that having a pair of large fins on either side of the face is a funny and even distinguished detail.

The orejotas of Kate Hudson is one example. Does not look super cute? It is true that some hairstyles are not proportional absolutely nothing to his head, but nobody can deny that those beautiful earrings look better there than in any other ear lobe.

Behind the jump to see celebrities with huge ears.

Jennifer Garner. Ben Affleck's wife has no problem look like a female version of Topo Gigio with similar ears. As it will not bother you, that he adorned with those huge earrings.

Calista Flockhart. Besides having a small head, as if crushed (for lack of chin), has a tremendous ears that they could never go unnoticed. I always got the feeling that this head was not for that body and that those ears were not for that head.

Penelope Cruz. The Spanish is one that has enormous wings. Forgive me ... Wing fans may be attractive, but did not find anything beautiful: both his ears as his eyes, his nose and mouth are too large for that head.

Katie Holmes. This picture explains why Tom Cruise's wife always uses the old hairstyle: orejotas to cover the best and hide his broad face. His head looks like a giant bowl with two handles.

Barack Obama. While President of the United States is not precisely what is called "a celebrity," I think his ears are the most internationally famous after the Prince Charles of Wales, which we removed from this list because it did not fit in the photo.

Will Smith. I left for last the best ears I saw in my life. I say "best" because they are unique, undeniably original. If even resemble those of the ogre Shrek! These are small, but very showy.

Finally, I dedicate this note to a couple of friends who always complain about their ears and all those readers who do not know what to do with your hair to cover them. The size makes no beauty, being beautiful is not the same as being perfect. Just because nobody is perfect.