Rihanna's new boyfriend have a history of abuse

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Friday, 22 January 2010 10:14

Rihanna's new boyfriend has a history of abuse What will or what will Rihanna to attract and be attracted to the same class of men? Apparently, her new boyfriend, baseball player Matt Kemp would have kept an abusive relationship with his former girlfriend, actress Felisha Terrell.

If this were true, she would run a serious danger not only physical but also psychological, "if we consider that is just starting to take the terrible moments that happened after the attacks of Chris Brown, in early 2009.

The Star magazine accuses Kemp having problems with his former girlfriend, even having received a restraining order because he threatened and harassed continually. It also says that once he was suspended from his job by getting into a fight Could it be true?

What is certain is that RiRi's friends are very concerned, and no wonder. One of them said that she, instead of learning to avoid such men, it seems that is attracted to them. I think it is very likely, because there would be the first time that a woman is wrong. Hopefully we are wrong.