The Wanted estrenan el video de I Found You

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 15:06

Maybe for many young teenagers The Wanted , did not reach the height or shoe to One Direction , but the truth is that little by little the band is winning the hearts of many girls who see them perhaps a more Mature forming the band guys come out of "The X Factor". Anyway, The Wanted have PrensaCorazón new single and declare it premiered.

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  1. The Wanted video premiere of I Found You
  2. Video of "I Found You"
  3. The Wanted and his rivalry with One Direction

The Wanted video premiere of I Found You:

  • The Wanted seem to want to leave the label "boyband" for young teens and the proof is their new video for the song "I Found You" also advances what will be his third album, still without a date certain for launch though of which we know will feature collaborations Rita Ora or the LMFAO.
  • In the video, and as I say away from any hint of sweetness, the British band is mestra more mature, even remembering a little to the current Take That, and scenes where we see The Wanted seems to have abducted a young and they have held in a house.
  • For this new theme by the way, The Wanted have opted to play it safe and in fact is produced by Steve Mac, which was responsible for the hit "Glad You Came" and actually gave them some popularity in the United States but is Clearly, nothing compared to the One Direction and which, remember, swept "Yankee territory."

Video of "I Found You":

The Wanted and his rivalry with One Direction:

  • Having this new video of The Wanted, it is clear that the band stands out quite the manufactured pop One Direction are doing and those who are determined to compare them but they seem to aspire to a more adult audience, albeit with dance songs quite passable, I must say.
  • Anyway, it seems that fans of both groups still think that there is some rivalry between them, and in fact has been said that when an event or agree awards not even on speaking terms, although these rumors rivalries probably feed more pocket both groups through advertising that the two parties are on it.

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