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Tuesday, 08 May 2012 21:22

The One Direction are sweeping over the world with its prefabricated pop teens (and over which they have much influence) and PrensaCorazón although I have spoken to some members, I want to focus now on Louis Tomlinson and that seems to be gaining more and more popularity.

The One Direction fans know that for example, Zyan is the "pretty boy" of the group or that Harry is the one that makes all become hysterical, but in the case of Louis Tomlinson could say that this is the sweetest of these five guys Britons.

A little more about Louis Tomlinson:

  • Born December 24, 1991 in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England, Louis Tomlinson, comes from a family where the Mujers majority.
  • The 20-year-old has four sisters: Charlotte, Felicite, and the twins Daisy and Phoebe, while his parents Johanna and Mark separated in 2011.
  • It must be said that the Tomlinson family though humble, has a certain "trend" toward the show. In addition to the career of Louis, explain that their twins appeared on "Fat Friends" when they were only babies.
  • Louis has music in his veins from an early age. In fact starred in musicals when I was in school and in 2010 decided to audition for "The X Factor", which helped him finish in the "bootcamp" program which was rejected, but came out ahead because it could meet the rest of his bandmates One Direction with whom ended up joining and end up being one of the most popular formations of contemporary music.
  • As for the personality of Louis, is perhaps worth noting that the member of One Direction that always stands out as quite "mature" or perhaps is not seen as crazy as the rest of his teammates.
  • In fact he considers Harry Styles is the true leader of the group that sets the pace and advises others about what the next move to be given regarding your career.

The Brides of Louis Tomlinson:

  • As for the bride, brides or has been, and Louis Tomlinson to date, I have to say now and for a few months out with the young Eleanor Calder, with whom he apparently is doing very well.
  • In late 2011 broke with Hannah Walker, with whom he came almost a year and was in fact the few girlfriends of famous fans like him for this.
  • So much so that recently the fans of One Direction started writing all sorts of messages to Louis again with Hannah. Something I did not like the singer, and called on followers to stop as you wish to continue with Eleanor to which he himself wrote in the social network "love deeply".
  • The young man has a profile on Twitter that currently has over three million followers.

Breaking news from Louis Tomlinson:

  • Finally, I mention to some of the latest news about this young star like the one just to make known that which has insured her butt Jennifer Lopez.
  • The singer has decided to secure his rear and that apparently has been valued at $ 123,000.
  • Harry Styles has been commissioned to uncover the news in a recent interview, ensuring that the group has supported the decision of his partner.

I leave gallery of Louis Tomlinson of One Direction:

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Videos of Louis Tomlinson of One Direction:

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