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Saturday, 28 April 2012 02:58

In an age that seems to have come back into fashion format "boyband" with the success of the English One Direction and The Wanted in Spain back if we were not well for the past few years "have" to Auryn .

Auryn is the name of the group are five young and although not new, but already have two albums on the market, we must say it seems that 2012 is the year that are having a greater impact.

Who are Auryn?

  • Carlos Perez, Blas Sang, David Martin, Daniel Fernandez and Alvaro Garcia-Gango are the five components of Auryn, a group formed in Madrid and although were released for most when presented in 2011 at the Eurovision Song Contest as candidates to be representatives of Spain, we must say that I had some time recording songs, many versions of tracks from artists like The Secret, and sung acapella.
  • Two of the members of the group, Daniel Fernandez and Ernie sang and knew that he would appear to Eurovision although both were involved years ago in Eurojunior.
  • From his "adventure" Eurovision, Auryn has perfected his style moved away (a bit) versions and already have a record on the market, "Endless Road 7058" published this 2012 from a reprint of the disc removed in 2011 and published varis simple as grupio were formed.
  • As for the name of Auryn have to talk to him out of the novel by Michael Ende, "The Neverending Story" and it was the amulet that allowed the bearer to fulfill your every desire.
  • As for the influences of these five young singers have to talk about bands like Take That or Coldplay or Spanish Vetusta Morla .

Auryn The five components:

  • Sang Blas: Another youth who participated in Eurojunior, or at least, as occurred in 2004, the same year that Maria Isabel won. The boy was then a candidate for Eurovision, and though his career seems that was intended to be alone, finally ended up forming the group which is now known.
  • David Martin: He participated in various programs such as "Royal city sounds" with the theme "A kiss and a flower." In 2008 he ran for Eurovision with her ​​song "Wicked Angel" and was a semifinalist in the program "A kiss and a flower."
  • Daniel Fernandez: I participated in Eurojunior in 2006, representing Spain and singing the song "Take my voice," achieving an excellent 4th place.
  • Alvaro Garcia-Gango: Actor and dancer as well as singer, participated in the "Battle of the Choirs" Four where he was mentored by Lolita, in addition to participating in the video for David Bustamante, "Hold me strong."
  • Carlos Perez: Participated in 2008 in "Factor X" where he was among the 10 finalists to enter the contest to appear on television.

I leave gallery of Auryn:

957_big auryn auryn1 auryn2 auryn3 auryn4 AURYN5 auryn-3 auryn_plazanorte auryn-alvaro auryn-blas auryn-carlos auryn-cover auryn-dani auryn-david b9j47pbb1q0kziq4ov4d56d2a18cc1b_destino-eurovision-auryn-iii_m david_auryn POSTER-AURYN-CONCIERTO

Auyrn Videos:

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