Beyonce, the world's most beautiful woman

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Thursday, 26 April 2012 16:37

Beyoncé motherhood seems to be living full of happiness and even the singer in no hurry to get back on stage, it does still appears on the covers of magazines like People who now stars for having been voted the woman most beautiful in the world.

The most beautiful woman in this 2012 to People magazine has been the American singer as I say, takes time away from the "show business" but still have the luxury of being considered the "most" of all the celebrities.

Beyoncé the most beautiful woman in the world:

  • The artist just being a mother of a girl and could be preparing a new tour on his latest album "4" which was released last 2011, is also now proclaimed as the most beautiful of 2012 and that no is to be the most talked about lately when compared to other singers like Rihanna or Katy Perry and occupy pages and pages in blogs and magazines.
  • Anyway no one will doubt the beauty, natural and not so much that has to Beyoncé and People is the prettiest of all, although the magazine usually opt for artists who accumulate much presigio behind to be considered "the most beautiful. " In fact, in previous years have been chosen such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez.
  • And it seems qu eel that gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter last January, has earned points in the media, especially Americans, and now emphasize his role as a mother rather than as an artist. Even she said that since the mother feel more beautiful.
  • "I feel more beautiful than ever because I had a child ... I never felt so connected, never felt I had that purpose in the world." has told the magazine.

Video of Beyonce for People as the most beautiful woman in the world:

On the other hand we have to talk about the other women "beautiful" and excel in People as though Beyonce is not the only number they have chosen.

These are the ten most beautiful women to People Magazine in 2012:

  • 1. Beyonce.
  • 2. Sofia Vergara actress in the comedy "Modern Family".
  • 3. Charlize Theron, actress.
  • 4. Lily Collins, daughter of singer Phil Collins, ctriz and star of "Mirror Mirror".
  • 5. Madeleine Stowe, actress we see in the series "Revenge".

  • 6. Christina Hendricks actress who appears in "Mad Men."
  • 7. Michelle Williams, actress recently haprotagonizado "My week with Marilyn."
  • 8. Paula Patton, actress and wife of singer Robin Thicke.
  • 9. Miranda Lambert, country singer.
  • 10. Kate Middleton, Princess of the United Kingdom.

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