The Club of 27

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Saturday, 14 April 2012 22:13

The music world has plenty of artists who have made ​​history in it and also have become legends, but only a few belong to is known as Club 27.

The Club 27 is the name given to a group of musicians who share not only which unfortunately had died when only 27, but also all icons were already before his death and in fact changed history of rock music.

Members of The Club 27:

  • Brian Jones: For many it was the soul or in fact the leader of one of the greatest rock bands of all time, The Rolling Stones and also inaugurated which will eventually be known as the 70 Club loso 27. Died on July 3, 1969, drowned in a pool, although for many it was a murder. Never really became clear that Jones drowned himself.
  • Jimmy Hendrix : One of the great icons of rcok actually considered the best guitarist in the world. Muer on September 18, 1960. When his sleep was drowned in his own vomit and after mixing sleeping pills with wine. His loss in music has not been replaced and also the image of Hendrix is ​​a cultural icon of the 60's.
  • Janis Joplin : Another icon of the decade that Hendrix and certainly some other artist who has had no substitute. Joplin noted for his voice ragged and painful, and his music will be remembered for having posts that are still in force. Died on October 4, 1970 because of an overdose.
  • Jim Morrison : Lead singer of The Doors and a myth of the rock. While it was very famous and popular when he was alive, after his death is July 3, 1971, when he becomes a legend that even today still has many fans. His grave is in Paris but died in this city, and in the bathtub of a hotel of a heart attack although the reasons verdadderos never clarified.
  • Kurt Cobain : The last of the "big" rock musicians and also is a symbol of the grunge movement that emerged in the 90's and that without it seems to have fallen almost extinct. Nirvana lead singer, died on April 5, 1994 after shooting himself. You never know the real reasons why he decided to kill himself, but the truth is that Cobain never took the young have become a very famous and perhaps the pressure got to her own life.
  • Amy Winehouse : The latest on "enter" in this club. He died in July 2011 and when it seemed recovered from their addictions. The intake of alcohol, when it took time without drinking, was the cause of his death and that the world ran out of the melaconlía of his soul that could be heard through his voice, unique and unrepeatable.

All these musicians are perhaps the most prominent members of this famous club which could include other names of deceased artists at the same age, such as Robert Johnson, blues musician and singer who is a legend and died in 1939. Left only 29 songs but have been greatly influenced many later musicians.

Video of the 27 Club:

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