Katy Perry releases video of Part of Me

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Thursday, 22 March 2012 19:22

Yesterday we offered you the new video of Madonna and although it has recovered all its splendor, recreating the best of times, now we have Katy Perry with the premiere of his "Part of me" and that is perhaps one of the worst clips.

Accustomed to the wigs of various colors, the aliens or the fact of having turned into a teenager Perry grains and braces, the singer surprised bet now for a video but quite dense in its plot, the truth is that it is the most boring.

Katy Perry premiered video for "Part of Me":

  • Katy Perry must have felt like to surprise her fans now after having done everything in his earlier videos and perhaps this is it ever occurred characterized the idea of appearing like a soldier, a haircut and all, or rather , the wig.
  • "Part of Me" is a song about lost love and so wants to show his "ex" part of it ever seen before, and of course the idea of being a soldier is something that hits us all with his usual image, but the fact that it is trite ees considering that Demi Moore looked much better (and radical) in "GI Jane" and that even his amiguísima Rihanna appears in the same guise in the next movie premiere, "Battleship".
  • So in military plan is as it appears throughout the video Perry of this new single which also has not worked all that well in the charts, something that should have touched the moral enough to the singer while his previous five singles were number one.
  • The truth is that it shows too that the issue is not just a "rehash" of other songs that sound the same on the album "Teenage Dream" and even if it is sold as "new" the truth is that while we know that was actually an outtake from that album, hence the coldness that occurs above the video and not be having much impact.

  • After more than a year sweeping the charts, and above all making headlines thanks to his recent divorce from Russell Brand heavy, and also has new girlfriend, perhaps what best would now Perry would be a break, but not to enter a military academy, but in order to "recharge" batteries, re-dye her hair a new color, forget the sound repetitive and prepare a disk that does not bore well, so very like this song.

This is the video for "Part of me", the new Katy Perry

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