Will Smith ¿es gay?

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Sunday, 18 March 2012 11:37

Now it seemed that the rumors of divorce between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett had disappeared after several months in which insitía at the end of his marriage now again come to light when good seems that now the actor is accused of being gay.

Even a publication of the United States dares to name the alleged lover of Will Smith, saying it is a good friend of his and his wife, Jada Pinkett but that apparently has a relationship with the actor for years.

Will Smith is it gay?:

  • The alleged homosexuality of Will Smith is something that many media are asking the United States, but the fact is that only one publication, called Star , zes that has been "dared" to publish a cover where we see the actor with his friend, Duane Martin with ensuring that maintains a relationship.
  • The magazine, in their course, with the testimony of several people close to Will Smith says the actor has long since confessed that she is bisexual.
  • Also for years a friend of Duane Martin, actor with the actor while he worked while he was starring in a comedy series Will produced.
  • Although Martin is also married to actress Tisha Campbell-Martin, with whom he has two children, the fact is that it claims to have an intimate relationship with Smith.
  • In fact have reported that both have come together several times and even went cruise recently and Jada Pinkett also would not look favorably upon which her ​​husband spend more time with this good friend, rather than with her ​​and her children .
  • At the moment both Will and Duane have stated that they deny being gay but have not wanted to talk more about it, while the wife of Martin, Tisha Campbell has defended her husband saying that although it tends to ignore published the press, there comes a time when enough is enough. She also ensures that the matromionio between Will and Jada is perfect and they do not deserve to be talked both of them by the tabloids because he spends so much time with her ​​best friend.

Women have every reason in the world. In fact, many celebrities who are men are always accompanied by his best friends, as is the case of Jay-Z always with Kanye West and that no one has published anything on alleged homosexuality.

I leave you now Will Smith's video for the upcoming Kids Choice Awards:

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