Justin Bieber and his new religious tattoo

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Friday, 16 March 2012 15:23

Justin Bieber is already 18, can do what he pleases and so far seems to have opted for the tattoo a few days premiering a new religious image on your skin.

The young singer Canadian surprised many of his followers a few weeks ago when we saw one of his legs had decided to tattoo a picture of Christ and now seems to have "finished" drawing to put this another religious symbol.

Justin Bieber and his new religious tattoo:

  • The singer of "Baby" a few days visiting his girlfriend in the shooting of the movie starring alongside Selena Gomez Vanessa Hudgens, "Spring Breakers" and took a break to go fishing and to show off their swimsuit bodies which caused leaked to reporters that the new tattoo of it.
  • While in December we saw the young man had a Christ in the leg, has also now added the image of hands in sign of worship or prayer.
  • Bieber has declared more than once a big believer in what is now wanted as praying hands tattoo symbolism on their belief in the almighty and faith professed by him.
  • It is not the only religious tattoo also has the image of Christ which I've mentioned but more than a year was tattooing the name of Jesus in the ribs, and also shows his father.

It seems that Bieber is quite aficionando tattoos and although many of his fans may not give importance, it seems that in a few years their appearance can vary widely but it is rumored that the young want to look at this issue to Chris Brown which is friend and who have in your body with lots of tattoos.

Justin Bieber wants to tattoo ... in your mouth?:

  • The truth is that seeing the boy's fondness for tattoos and seeing also that only 18 years old and wears four, now we will begin to see how little by little his body will be the target of the cameras to see if it makes more.
  • In fact recently it was rumored that the young man was telling his friends where you want to tattoo and some say they would love to have a tattoo inside the mouth.
  • No one has confirmed it but seeing how "badass" who always says he wants to be Bieber is not surprising to proceed with his idea, but yes better be careful if it is one of the most painful and yet dangerous where getting a tattoo.

I leave you now video of Justin Bieber and his new tattoo:

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