Secret photos of Lady GaGa with 19 years

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Tuesday, 28 February 2012 09:16

Lady GaGa today can boast of being one of the singers more famous around the world, or indeed the "reigning queen of pop" and partly because of their appearance, sometimes a little exaggerated, but in the beginning was shown as a young "normal" that now you can see in a series of photos that have been revealed secret.

The year was 2005 when he began his musical career GaGa or at least was clear he wanted to become a great singer and while he was playing in "dens" of New York, wanted to take some pictures in which she is seen next to a piano and practicing advanced poses a star he is today.

Pictures of Lady GaGa with 19 years:

  • Before being blond and before Lady GaGa was the young singer Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and her dark hair and large eyes were traits that characterized him and now we discover that you have never seen in the beginning, thanks to a series of photographs taken in New York almost seven years ago and have just seen the light.
  • Malgortzara Saniewska is the photographer who has now released photos of GaGa at 19 years old and was made ​​after meeting the singer at the restaurant where he worked as a waitress.
  • Apparently both were very good friends, although as explained Saniewska "were not the whole day together," but the truth is that she saw something in the young waitress that made ​​him feel that someday it would be someone and not really was nothing wrong.
  • Saniewska proposed to his young friend who let him make a series of photos and is accessed without problems, so that both met with a piano and got carried away, resulting in what became the first "photoshoot" by Lady GaGa before becoming famous.

How are the photos of Lady GaGa secret to 19 years:

  • In the images we see GaGa quite suggestive, and pointing ways, and with a long brown hair. The photos are black and white, mix the sensuality of his youth and the fact that she would show up as an artist related to the world of music, hence posing elected over his piano .
  • Apparently the photos were made ​​in the house where her mother GaGa played the piano and when it was empty. Photographer and singer got carried away in the living room where the piano was located and the results were 200 photographs of which have now released 15.

These are photos of Lady GaGa secret to 19 years:

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Video of Lady GaGa at the beginning:

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