Denmark is proclaimed winner of Eurovision 2013

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Sunday, 19 May 2013 01:20

Eurovision 2013 and has been held in the beautiful city of Malmo (Sweden) and Denmark this year has been the country that has claimed victory, although Spain has played a good role in the representation of Raquel del Rosario and Dream Theater, and Despite their bad position especially in the final calculation. In PrensaCorazón we give full details of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013.


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  1. Denmark wins Eurovision 2013
  2. The performance of Dream Theater in Spain 2013
  3. Video of the winning Eurovision 2013
  4. Video of Spain at Eurovision 2013

Denmark wins Eurovision 2013

First Semi-Final of 2013 Eurovision Song Contest

  • To say that Denmark has won the Eurovision Song Contest is hardly a surprise considering that the singer Emmelie Forest was the favorite of the night thanks to the song "Only Teardrops" and was already playing beyond the festival.
  • Denmark has imposed without rivals just as it has been 281 points, which made ​​him stand out in front of the second and third.
  • Azerbaijan with the song "Hold Me" by Farid Mammadov has been second with 234 points mientrsa Ukraine with the song "Gravity" sung by Zlata Ognevich has achieved 214 points and has led the third.

The performance of Dream Theater in Spain 2013


  • On the other hand, I have to mention the role played by Spain in this Festival. Morpheus Dream has interpreted "With you all the way", and although the performance was successful and very pretty (with yellow lights flying around the stage), you could tell that Raquel del Rosario was very nervous.
  • The singer solution a nice dress, in yellow and in non-superstitious but also was barefoot, which in fact has also repeated Danish singer but in the case of Spain this "hippie" has not helped much.
  • Keep in penultimate position with only 8 votes is a real problem for the role that Spain in the Festival and worsening the tenth position last year had Pastora Soler .

Video of the winning Eurovision 2013

Video of Spain at Eurovision 2013

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Abraham Mateo, the Spanish Justin Bieber

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 05:36

If you are tired of Justin Bieber or are his fan and want to hear from other artists, we can say that in Spain has been released now a young singer who is starting to be compared with Canadian and also looks set to be one of the artists this summer. In PrensaCorazón tell you all now about Abraham Castro, Spanish Justin Bieber.


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  1. Abraham Mateo, the Spanish Justin Bieber
  2. Abraham Mateo will be song of the summer?
  3. Video of "Miss" Abraham Mateo

Abraham Mateo, the Spanish Justin Bieber


  • Comparisons are usually quite odious, but the truth is that you only need to see the innocent face of Abraham Mateo immediately think of Justin Bieber, but not in the now (binge and muscular) and yes at that Bieber who dazzled the world from You Tube and just 13 years.
  • In fact Abraham Mateo Canadian shares with his love of music and we both started from small to sing. In the case of this handsome Cadiz (who is the brother of singer Tony Mateo), we have to say eight years and sings with ba and participated in competitions, as the program d and Canal Sur, "What a Night" and in which unveiled.
  • It was then, in 2009, she released her debut album "Abraham Mateo" and that production had Jacobo Calderon , who has worked with Raphael, David Bisbal, and Luis Fonsi.
  • Now she is 14 and is about to release her second record that will surely start to overshadow Bieber in Spain, as their fan base grows daily.
  • Matthew is present, of course, on social networks like Facebook where your profile is now more than 11,000 followers.
  • The young artist has also worked as an actor and in fact we saw him in the miniseries "Raphael" focused on narrating the life of this singer whom he gave life during her childhood.

Abraham Mateo will be song of the summer?


  • Now that just released their single "Miss" we can say that Abraham Mateo is emerging as one of the artists who will ring this summer.
  • The single is already high on the iTunes list and it seems that the fans like. In fact the video released a week ago now over 7 million visits.
  • Also the guy has started holding record signings in which congregate many girls and such to Madrid attended by more than 4,000 fans.

Video of "Miss" Abraham Mateo

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One Direction announces new tour for 2014

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Friday, 17 May 2013 17:05

What a joy they have the One Direction to their fans around the world as it took days progress that they were making a special announcement this week and finally we can say what it is because the guys famous, now, music will to organize a world tour during 2014. In PrensaCorazón, One Direction announces new tour for 2014.


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  1. One Direction announces new tour for 2014
  2. One Direction at last, in Latin America
  3. One Direction and their new album for the new tour

One Direction announces new tour for 2014:


  • Throughout this week the guys from One Direction have been on tenterhooks since their followers through their official website they would make an important announcement on May 16. Such was the expectation created that web collapse came round last Wednesday.
  • Now that you have calmed the "directioners" more impatient we can say that the ad in question was about the new tour and although the band prepared follow with " Take Me Home Tour "(and it will bring for Spain next week), seems that as soon as this is embaracarán end up in trials of what is to come, because this is a world tour.
  • With his current tour, One Direction have realized exhausting entries wherever he went and also has not come to countries that have many fans, such as Latin America.
  • That is why this tour is now much larger, go through all continents and apparently want it to last much of 2014.

One Direction, at last, in Latin America:

  • Latin America was one of the One Direction pending regarding his current tour so after announcing a new tour in 2014 and there were also some concert dates that will offer his Latino fans.
  • Nothing more and nothing less than e s eight cities where they will be One Direction when visiting Latin America, and in two of them, Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo will offer two concerts.
  • The dates given are the following.


Concert dates One Direction in Latin America:

  • April 25 - Bogota, Colombia
  • April 27 - Lima, Peru
  • April 29 - Asuncion, Paraguay
  • May 1, Santiago, Chile.
  • 3 and May 4, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • May 6-Montevideo, Uruguay
  • May 8, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 10 and May 11, Sao Paulo, Brazil

For now are all the dates have been confirmed although the band has announced that soon will new details, such as the name of the tour and you may have to do with the new album finally being recorded One Direction itself.

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Celebrities in Cannes 2013

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Thursday, 16 May 2013 16:14

Start the Cannes Film Festival 2013 and already in its first gala had the presence of many famous among those who have outstanding names like Leonardo DiCaprio so let's take a look at what other esstá giving this festival full film, glamor and stars. Famous PrensaCorazón Cannes 2013 .

famous-cannes 2013

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  1. Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes 2013
  2. Blanca Suarez in Cannes 2013
  3. Cara Delevingne at Cannes 2013
  4. Paz Vega in Cannes 2013
  5. Lana del Rey at Cannes 2013
  6. Nicole Kidman at Cannes 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio in Cannes 2013:


  • Leonardo DiCaprio has been among the first celebrities to hang out at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and if also has come to present his new film "The Great Gatsby", the truth is that it came without female company while it appears to be alone but he was not alone at any time.
  • Both morning and evening DiCaprio was accompanied by the rest of the cast of his film that also work the actor Tobey Maguire and actress, Carey Mulligan (gorgeous Dior dress on the red carpet).
  • The film was well received and in fact was wrapped well for a host of celebrities and singers who by the way are part of the soundtrack.

Blanca Suárez at Cannes 2013:

suarez white

  • The Spanish film is also being shown at Cannes this year 2013 because in its first day saw very elegant actress Blanca Suarez.
  • Although she is dating Miguel Angel Silvestre, this time was accompanied by the young, and handsome, Jeremy Irvine charge of delivering the Chopard Trophy Award and will receive in the Festival for Best Actress.

Cara Delevingne at Cannes 2013:

Cara Delevingne

  • One of the most famous models today, Cara Delevigne, was among the first celebrities to arrive on the red carpet at Cannes, and made ​​it completely alone and also strictly black.
  • The model chosen for this occasion a dress with classic touch of Christopher Bailey and also led with Chopard jewels, thus becoming one of the most beautiful and elegant of the night.

Paz Vega in Cannes 2013:


  • Another beautiful Spanish actress we've seen "shining palm" in Cannes 2013 has been Paz Vega, who also went through the red carpet with a design of yours Cavalli-in-white and rhinestones-for the big opening night both festival and the film "The Great Gatsby".

Lana del Rey at Cannes 2013:


  • The singer Lana del Rey is one of the artists that I have said before singing on the soundtrack of "The Great Gatsby" so we went to Cannes to attend the film's pass and did so with an elegant dress style " vintage ", in black and white and dressed it with impressive Chopard emerald earrings.

Nicole Kidman at Cannes 2013:


  • Nicole Kidman, jury member this year, was not as successful as other famous and although the actress wore a dress very elegant design, this floral print not suit him at all and as much as outside and Raf Simons for Christian Dior.

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