Toyota Auris 2013, a preview of what we will see soon

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Saturday, 09 June 2012 20:16

No doubt Toyota is betting more and more hybrid models, which has been occurring over the last decade, but most now is betting on these models, and compact models designed for large cities, while aside large displacements, but these models are not designed for this purpose. That is why today we unveil what the next generation of the 2013 Auris , a model that will also feature versions very green, with some ingenious solutions. Began.

It is true that recently, we discussed what we might expect in the new Auris 2013 , but in this case, we delve more into the preview of this model, as recently leaked some drawings and patents for what the future Auris and today we offer. A new model that will be unveiled later this same 2012, just to be released as early as 2013, and will have a design language developed by one of the heads of Toyota Design, Akio Toyoda, to create "models with much more character. "

And is that seeing these images that have been registered in Germany, reveal that the concept car resting on these new lines of design, the new Auris will make a much more distinctive character. A very unique design that reminds us in some way (it will not be a minivan, but a compact) the new concept car FT-Bh we saw at the last Geneva Motor Show 2012 . A model in which special emphasis will be placed in a more dynamic driving, something that lacks the current Auris, which has been harshly criticized.

Thus, the new platform and the new Toyota Auris will be designed to accommodate the extra weight is always including a hybrid powertrain, and not as with the current Auris HSD already tested very recently . In fact, this Auris HSD model has been very well accepted by consumers, and that is why we made ​​and a comparison with its luxury sibling, the Lexus 200h CT , another model quite defendant of the Japanese firm. However, the Japanese company is learning how to reduce the size of the components now have the Prius and Auris HSD, so that ultimately the impact on the new Auris 2013, will be much lower.

Finally, this new model developed by Toyota , will feature new diesel and gasoline. As for diesel engines, will have 1.6-liter versions and 2.0-liter BMW both home and we are sure that will help drive sales of the Auris diesel models. While the petrol versions are 1.3-liter and 1.6 liter that will be available from launch.

And finally, the new Auris 2013 is made entirely in Britain in the plant with Toyota in Burnaston, Derbyshire. Furthermore, it appears that the new Auris could have a more familiar type estate, although in the UK these models are not very popular or well received. A model that also speculated that, by having a very different picture of the current Auris, Corolla could be called back, but we believe that this will not happen. Anyway, we still have to wait several months until we begin to see the first details of the new Auris 2013 ... until then we leave you with the sketches of the future new model.

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