MINI Cooper 2013, could have a 5-door version

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Friday, 08 June 2012 20:16

There is much speculation about the new MINI Mk3, the third generation of the successful MINI. And today, MINI is living versions and limited editions or special, as Ray Line for Italy we saw recently . However, MINI knows it must offer something more in its third generation, as competition has grown in recent years. This is why you are thinking MINI Cooper a new five-door Mk3 but , according to recent rumors we've received. Thus, could face MINI models like the Audi A1 Sportback and we saw during the last Geneva Motor Show 2012.

Thus, the new MINI would get more practical, both for young drivers, as for children of the house. However, we should clarify that, for now, only rumors. And they say the new MINI Mk3 could have the gates opened suicide MINI Clubman with, although the latest speculations suggest that these doors could be normal, but would be cleverly hidden.

In addition, BMW's engineers have found a clever compromise between extending the MINI in 2013, and shorten the front doors. However, even with a compromise as to which German engineers have arrived, the rear doors would be found very near the C-pillars and the rear wheel arches. Thus, using the design of the MINI, the rear door handles, would wisely hidden, as in models like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

That is why we should be clear that these improvised rear doors, its usefulness would improve access for adults, but rather for children. In addition, a shorter front doors should not be a barrier to entry to allow more great drivers and front passengers, even in the tightest spaces.

In addition, it is speculated that the new MINI Mk3, or as well known as F56, will be the first MINI model to accommodate gasoline engines and BMW source, three-cylinder. An engine that would be directly related to the four-cylinder N20 housing the new BMW 3 Series, and are currently getting major improvements in economy, consumption and emissions. In fact, very recently we have seen some improvements in the existing engines of the MINI JCW versions , so even despite these recent improvements, these models also count with these three-cylinder engines, BMW from the N20.

Also, remember that the new MINI Mk3 would be designed under a new platform that would be something UKL1 longer, so even in its three-door model would be a little longer, which would allow you a version of five doors as the rumors suggest. In addition, it also hints that the front seats could be more delantadas, so it could better accommodate even large rear passengers. A platform, UKL1, on which rest 10 MINI's different, so that the profitability of MINI is assured for many years. We'll see what happens.