BMW patented a change of Mach 7 speed manual

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Thursday, 07 June 2012 20:13

If very recently talked about the future of BMW and everything that surrounds the Bavarian brand, today BMW has taken a little step forward. And is that Porsche and was once one of the most innovated brands in the field of transmissions and semi-automatic changes with PDK gearbox, now it's time for BMW. And it makes and models of automatic gearboxes dual clutch there are many, and that is why BMW has thought about the next step, to patent a new seven-speed manual transmission .

A solution that would allow a better development that would present a significant step, because thanks to this type of gearbox, improved efficiency and sportiness, but also could mean an increase in complexity when to change gears. It is therefore proposed that BMW, in a series of patents, which are clearly the diagram of the new arrangement of the gears 7. In addition, it also shows a flow chart which you how BMW engranemos try to prevent a march in the wrong way, and at first could cost us to get used to the 7-speed.

In addition, this patent would reveal even that design could be modified for even more gear. Although the novelty, focuses on systems to engage gears the wrong way. And is that BMW has two solutions to avoid a failure in the engine. The first one is a locking system with a magnetorheological fluid that gives access to the gear ratios that would fit itself to the revolutions of the motor, preventing a gear that we should not, and lay it from spinning.

While the second solution, it would be a fully automatic system, in which a system would act on the clutch pedal. Thus, we may select a wrong way, but block the clutch system, preventing the release, a gear engranásemos erroneously. In addition, this system, using a bright display warn the driver that has a gear clutch wrong has been selected. It would be a decoupling of the clutch system, similar to SMG that it used in its day BMW.

Anyway, what is clear is that BMW is reluctant to leave the manual transmission, as in all models except the M5, have manual shift versions. What is clear is that this type of gearbox that will be difficult to see in future BMW M Division, as the case M7 might be thinking that the German mark. But we feel good that BMW wants to introduce the gearbox 7-speed manual. It's just matter of time before we get used to this type of manual gearboxes. Would be a process similar to that already suffer with the change of the five boxes speeds at six. We'll see what the final solution adopted by BMW.