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Entertainment - Motorsport
Monday, 07 May 2012 00:58

Video: Kim Vs Kimi Raikkonen Dotcom in The Green Hell

It is controversial and striking, Kim Dotcom made and unmade with his money as he could for a long time and today we have known some point of their power. And you imagine that you are able to call Kimi Raikkonen, close the Nürburgring Nordschleife for 20 laps and have 30 cameras, 2 helicopters, 100 people, a camera designed for aircraft and three Mercedes Benz CLK DTM AMG. If this happens to you, is because you're Kim Schmitz, alias Kim Dotcom, and you have much free time .

This is how IBM batteries for tomorrow's electric

A few months ago I spoke of a battery of IBM promising unparalleled ability, but are too long term, they could solve any problems with this type of car, such as autonomy and recharge the battery .

We have the first renders of the Ferrari F70

Speaking of the future Ferrari Enzo or F70 is almost torture, is to put honey on the lips with very little information we receive is that the dropper and only serve to prolong our agony. Now we have seen images like Gabriel Radu Constantin-conceived, industrial designer and current employee of the German subsidiary of Pininfarina in Rüsselsheim, F70 ahead of that we've already spoken of his mechanical configuration and some other novelty.

Rumor pump to ponder this weekend

Sorry for the headline, but when you read what I'm getting no sleep quiet today. BMW has been able to stop being BMW as we know it. I mean, for years, their engines are becoming less German and French territory very close to the alliance with PSA and Japanese territory with the agreement signed with Toyota. If these two alliances BMW had lost a bit of substance, say a little, not be more critical than necessary, but now with the alleged agreement to be signed with Hyundai to collaborate in the development of engines and no turning back. BMW lost much of its essence, the excellent mechanical properties. Although warned, this does not mean losing not winning in other ways .

The government proposes to implement a toll on the highways

Times of crisis in many countries and between them is Spain, where in recent months have been implementing major cuts. The automotive world has been oblivious to these problems, vehicle sales have declined and fuel prices continue to rise making it more expensive to use our car. We now know something that can make our trips even more expensive out is that the Government of Spain is considering to introduce tolls on motorways .