And finally the Viper SRT was presented at the New York Auto Show

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 04:11

Both teaser and much mystery was beginning to maximize our desire to know the SRT Viper, and that before his presentation leaked some images belonging to the Forza Motorsport 4 as well pointed our reader Edl (btw, thanks for the tip) where we could see was the Viper SRT. But despite this nothing like reality, and finally made his presentation.

It basically confirms what we suspected in the teaser, the very basis of sinuous and bulky air lines and a touch more refined and modern, something that perhaps I will at first appear less aggressive than the previous Viper but the snake still is hidden. That Viper is no longer the sport "austere" than before is a reality, you just have to take a look inside to see that now has quality materials, such as skin, and increased technology as an information system Uconnect with 8.4 inch screen or sound system signed by Harman Kardon.

Reduce 45kg in a car like the Viper that already tries to be light if it is not easy, but the group has submitted the new Chrysler Viper SRT to a diet based carbon fiber and aluminum. These materials can be found on the doors, the roof or hood and others to achieve a final weight of 1.521kg. Not bad.

But one of the most interesting parts of this American supercar always was and will be the motor that drives this beast of the asphalt. Finally it will be a V10 engine that provides 640c.v. 8.400cc power and torque of 814Nm beast, involving 40c.v. more power and 54Nm more torque than the previous model. The most exciting thing is that all this power will be transmitted to the rear wheels, with the permission of the limited slip differential, through a gearbox six-speed manual.

There will be two optional features to be added to Viper SRT basic, the most interesting is the SRT Track Pack which includes Pirelli P Zero Corsa, four modes of stability control and Brembo brakes more effective. Then there is the option GTS with leather-wrapped dash and adjustable Bilstein suspension Damptronic.

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