1000 Mustang Shelby presented the Hall of New York

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 06:01

To mark the 50th anniversary of America Shelby, Shelby introduced the 1000 in the Hall of New York, a real gem, certainly unexpected, even for those who love the sport of high displacements. This model is already anticipated by Shelby days ago .

As reported Carbuzz , the 1000 Shelby is an issue impossible to ignore, which has two versions: one street and another circuit, called S / C, which is able to develop the incredible power of 1,100 hp

Undoubtedly, that Shelby America wanted to draw attention in its 50 anniversary and did it this way. Fans and Mustang Shelby be tempted to buy actually see one, though in truth, should have enough money, and that the only bad thing is the new Shelby car is its price, which ranges between 140 and 150 thousand dollars depending on the edition and not including the $ 50,000 it costs the Mustang GT500 (model to be achieved by the clients for their respective modification).

To achieve so great amount of power, the model uses the same 5.4-liter V8 that the Mustang GT500, but with changes in its interior, including new pistons, crankshaft and differential. It also has a drive shaft much stronger, adjustable suspension and in order to stop this iron sculpture of almost two tons, sports brakes much more powerful than the originals.

As if these internal changes were not enough, Shelby worked tirelessly to get a vehicle that is as light as possible, for that reason, until the wipers are made ​​of carbon fiber.

The Company surprises in all respects with this amazing Shelby 1000, for example when it comes to exterior improvements, where you can see at a glance the addition of an aerodynamic hood and the imposing 20-inch wheels.

But not all good news, the downside is that it only produced in limited edition, probably leaving many fans with the desire to become one.

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