First photos of Ferrari SP12 EPC Eric Clapton

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Saturday, 24 March 2012 01:15

Those who follow closely the news of the motor world are aware that Ferrari has a special department to serve the whims of their more extravagant clients. Ferrari Named Special Project Program, there are working on customizing some models, managers usually with rich Arab sheiks millionaires garage or engaged in other professions, but sophisticated enough to order a Ferrari that looks unique in the world.

Well, according to the U.S. site Carbuzz , a Ferrari of these is being displayed in the window of HR Owen, a dealer of the house of Maranello in central London. SP12 is the EPC, which as shown by their qualities, pays tribute to the classic models of the eighties, especially the 512BB. The SP12 EPC have been ordered to be built by the eminent English guitarist Eric Clapton, who they say is a fan of Ferrari.

The Ferrari SP12 EPC is, above all, a 458 Italia amended, which has a lower front in black, air intakes on the side and a modified rear, where the bubble is removed allowing the V8 admire 4.5 liters and added a design particularly "ochentoso" with a sharp combination of black plastic and red. It has also replaced the bumper body color and added a black color, which, however, maintains the triple exhaust outlet in the center position of the 458 Italy.

The relationship between Eric Clapton and SP12 EPC Ferrari would have begun shortly after the presentation of 458 Italy, the musician would have moved to Maranello to perform in person the order in which it sought to replace the original V8 458 Italy by a V12 more powerful and, as it implies tradition, Ferrari should bring everything inside. However, this has not been confirmed yet.

Regarding his name, and since has not yet provided official information, it is speculated that SP would refer to "Special Project Program," the number 12 to the number of cylinders of the engine and EPC stands for the initials of Eric Patrick Clapton.

We are confident that, given its public appearance in all trade media engine Ferrari in the coming days will provide more information about this beautiful and mysterious model.

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