BMW Unveils New Concept M135i

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Entertainment - Motorsport
Friday, 24 February 2012 20:13

And what we warned the other day: BMW M Division, is taking over. That is why recently, BMW introduced the M Performance Parts exclusive program for the new 1 Series, 3 and 5. A further improvement, which currently are only available for 2.0 diesel engines from BMW. Anyway, these are not only the only improvements that BMW will Geneva since today BMW has unveiled the new M135i Concept .

Note that this M135i Concept, well could be the forerunner of future BMW M1 , if it happens someday. The fact is that this new variant of the new BMW 1 Series will have a new turbocharged inline six-cylinder 3.0-liter, and is capable of developing about 300 hp. And unlike the exclusive M Performance Parts, this model has been developed using the vast experience of BMW M Division has acquired in recent decades. Something that has been reflected not only in the new engine, but also in the new suspension, traction and aerodynamics systems specifically designed for this model.

Thus, this Series 1 receives new components of the M Division BMW as a new braking system, new tires M 18 ", plus some elements made ​​of carbon fiber. To distinguish this model of future 1 Series, the M135i has a Concept exterior mirrors finished in a special matte gray "Ferric Grey", along with details in black shiny "High Gloss Shadow Line" on the threshold of the side windows , and a brake calipers in blue with the logo of the Division M.

Admittedly, many of these details have already reached the new diesel BMW M recently showed , so it is logical that this concept car is the prelude to the future BMW M1. Thus, BMW gives a clear signal of where will the new models M Performance. That is why this model and all others of which we have discussed above, will be on site in Geneva.

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